Creating iTunes Playlist the Easy way

This article helps you create a smart playlist that will give you a clear idea of all columns playlist in your iTunes.

Every iPhone user has the option of using the iTunes and add music albums to their playlist but when the files are in excess then, there is a trouble. At times, when you are tagging your files that are huge in number it becomes hard to manage and sort out. This clutter does create a lot of trouble, especially when you are not able to find what you are looking for exactly. All columns playlist seems to be the only option that you need to opt for at a given moment. However, if you are well-versed with the steps involved then it can be difficult as well as confusing. As you go ahead with reading this article, you will be able to create iTunes playlist in an easy way and manage your music library.

About iTunes Playlists

If you already have a large playlist library in the iTunes then, you might be already spending time on tagging files. Using a smart playlist is what is required that then helps in good tagging. It is not only convenient but also helps you play music as per genre or the time of release of the music. For example, if you have music from the 70’s you can easily create relevant data tag that defines the year for your music file. If you are looking for a specific compose then, you will create a Compose tag. The way you create a tag is dependent upon the purpose for which you have created it. It means that you should be able to create a tag according to the purpose and define it accordingly. There should be different category tags like, genre, album, artist, songs and tags that are defined by year.

Editing File Tag

You can first begin with editing file tag if you want to make things neat in your playlist, here is how:

• Select the specific file that you want to rename or an album

• Press Command-I
• After selecting multiple tracks, you can make changes to the tags that album shares
• When you are done again press Command-I to finish

However selecting files and pressing the command is time-consuming and tiring too. There is another way to do things easily. Let us get started by first creating columns.

• Create a list that should be called All Columns
• Press the Command – J to reveal View Options
• Numerous options will be displayed; you will need to check all these
• Now a list of editable tags will appear, you drag files to this list in order to edit tags or examine if they are editable

Creating Columns

• To view columns, scroll horizontally
• Or drag the headers to re-order columns
• Drag the columns that are most viewed to the left window pane
• Now, you have a list of sorted out columns with most viewed music library files
• Go to the View Options and uncheck the tag files that are not used by you. The uncheck list can contain tags like BPM or Purchase Date that are not required, but create clutter.

When you are finished carrying out the above-mentioned process, you will have a sorted out neat column of the library that will have the tags you require. Now that you have all the tags in one list you can easily sort them out as per your requirement. To change the order of the appearance of the tag you can click the header.

With iTunes you have the options of adding, editing, deleting and creating tags as per your choice. Now that you have learned all about it you can make changes to the playlist as you desire.

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