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Creating Multiple Article Titles on the Same Topic

Coming up with multiple titles around the same topic doesn’t have to be hard if you can generate article writing ideas and their associated keywords. The easiest way to come up with multiple titles is to choose one broad topic and brainstorm a keyword list based on that topic. Before you start writing down your keywords, you should make a table to divide the keywords in categories. This comes in really handy if you can’t come up with multiple titles under just one category, and it gives you the chance to link your articles together based on content relevance under one broad topic.

Article Ideas – Joining the Dots

To come up with titles for your online articles, you need to develop article ideas and related keywords from your keyword list and/or from your spider diagram. Spider diagrams are mainly used for planning to write an article or story, or simply for creating and provoking ideas. Like mind maps, they start with a central idea and branch out. To learn more about producing new article ideas using spider diagrams, please read about ways to generate article writing ideas.

How to come up with multiple titles around the same topic

Let’s assume you’ve chosen your main topic of interest and you’re ready to write the corresponding titles. If you start or decide to participate in a 30 Days Challenge, you’ll need 30 well-written titles around one topic (unless you decide to write about 2-6 different topics).

? Categorize your ideas.

Before you create your concept map, it would be smart to categorize your ideas (potential keywords).

Here’s a list of potential categories (in alphabetical order):

Arts & Design • Books, Literature & Writing • Business & Employment • Education & Science • Entertainment & Media • Family & Parenting • Fashion & Beauty • Finances • Food & Cooking • Games & Toys • Gender & Relationships • Health • Holidays & Celebrations • Home • Pets & Animals • Politics • Sports • Technology • Travel … etc.

? Make a table with a few columns and assign a category of your choice to each of the columns.

Let’s say that you’ve chosen to write about Parenting. Logically, this idea belongs to the Family & Parenting category. Yet, it can be related to other categories as well, and by discovering the relationship of your main topic or keyword with other keywords and keyphrases belonging to these categories, you can discover numerous article titles based on the same topic (see Figure 1).

Figure 1: Keyword list for the topic ‘Parenting’, divided into categories. This is an example for you to generate your own keyword list for the topic of your choice. Categories are arbitrary.

? Combine the keywords under the categories and write your titles. If you lack inspiration, search the web for more ideas.

Based on these keywords, your potential titles could be (see Figures 2 and 3):

Figures 2 and 3: 30 article ideas for the same broad topic (‘Parenting’).

? Check the performance of your keywords.

Check your keywords in the Google Keyword Tool (global search volumes and ad competitions). To check the CPC value of the keywords, you need to be logged in your Google AdWords Account. This step will help you optimize your webpage for search engines.

? Edit your titles.

Edit your titles according to information collected through keyword research. If your original keywords aren’t optimized for search, substitute them with SEO-friendly keywords with the closest meaning possible.

? Create folders and documents in your computer.

Create folders and documents corresponding to your topics and titles to have them nicely organized in one place.

? Start writing.

Write your articles one by one depending on your inspiration. You can write drafts first and develop full content later. Work on the quality of your content and edit when necessary.

Still having troubles writing?

Check these encouraging quotes for writers to get some inspiration

Do you have your own methods and ways to generate multiple titles around the same topic?

Share them or ask questions in the comments below.

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