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The Most Creative DIY and Recycled Christmas Tree Ideas

Christmas Tree – It does wonders. Christmas Tree is the sign of festival season and it gives every home a pleasant and happy feeling.

DIY creative Christmas trees are always very special as it is done by us. We can make Christmas trees out of recycled items.

Plastic bottles and cans – Colored Plastic bottles can be arranged on metal round rims of different diameters and can be given proper lighting to look like a beautiful tree.  Soda cans can also used for making creative DIY Christmas tree.


Newspaper – Newspaper can be folded or rolled or spread and can arranged on any vertical roller which makes a DIY Christmas tree.

Wooden Planks – Plywood and cardboard Christmas tree designs are very interesting, inspiring and makes up recycled DIY projects for Christmas decoration.

Wine Cork – You can use wine corks to create very cheap and easy DIY Christmas tree. If you have freaky super creativity then you can have a very beautiful wine cork recycled creative Christmas tree. Here’s just a simple one for you to have a look.

Felt Ball – Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. Felt Ball Christmas trees are very colorful and lovely to look at. Felt Ball Homemade Christmas tree decoration adds a festive cheer with its beautiful colors.
Tissue Paper – Tissue Paper Christmas trees are very easy to make and there are instructions available to see how to make it. It is really unbelievable that the tissue papers turn out to be great in the making of creative DIY Christmas tree.

Egg Cartoons – Recycling the products being the main idea, you can also make use of egg cartoon and can make very fantastic and beautiful Christmas tree. Children always find it exciting if given these kinds of tasks. If you are creative, this is just a hint and now you can decide how to make your own Egg Cartoon Recycled Christmas tree.



Wrapping Paper – Christmas trees made from wrapping paper are very gorgeous and colorful. Wrapping Paper DIY creative Christmas Tree is very inexpensive and adds festive touch to your decorations.

Balloons – Balloon Trees are made for almost all celebrations at home. Balloon Christmas trees are very easy to make, but have to careful in handling. Balloons from a floating ornament Christmas Tree and makes your home a beautiful place.


Ribbons – Ribbon Christmas Tree is a visual treat. As there are plenty of types of ribbons available in the market, selection of the right kind of ribbons is the first step. Ribbons types include wired, not wired, twill, burlap, grosgrain and thus it goes on. Be creative and arrange the ribbons on a good base. You can loop, tuck, cascade, bend, wave etc. the ribbons and finally decorate it with other ornamental pieces and make your ribbon Christmas Tree a visually appealing treat.

Christmas always is a time of love and joy. It always brings back the old sweet memories. Making a Christmas Tree using creative ideas and recycling the products at home is fun. Everyone is keen on making the most exquisite Christmas Tree and the tips and ideas to start off are plenty.

Decorating Christmas Tree with gifts is a vital part of the Christmas celebrations. The gifts range from small gift pieces to gold and diamonds. Let us plan for Drones as Christmas gifts for kids or teenagers and let them have fun with Drones.

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