News Creative Halloween Costumes for Kids 2012

Creative Halloween Costumes for Kids 2012


Examples of Creative Halloween Costumes for Kids 2012

If you’re planning to make a Halloween costume for your kid, this article about creative Halloween costumes for kids 2012 would surely help you out. Here, you’ll discover that although Halloween is meant to be scary, you can still bring out your artistic side. Technically speaking, this traditional frightening event has become a joyful occasion not only for kid but for adults as well. As you can observe, modern day Halloween celebrations are filled with candies, chocolates and colorful costumes. Hence, it is also a great opportunity to bring out one’s creativeness. With that being said, here are some unique and artistic costumes you can make for your kids.

Characters of fantasy novels

With the rise of fantasy genre novels turned movies, it is without a doubt that characters such as fairies, elves, dwarves and even fairytale characters have become a trendy Halloween costume. These costumes are actually considered as the most creative Halloween costumes for kids 2012. Basically, these fictional characters are products of imagination like art. If you want to unleash your creative side, all you need to do is imagine a fantasy novel and its characters. From there, you can come up with a cute, creative and a suitable costume for your child.

The downsides for choosing these types of costumes are budget and time. Materials needed for these costumes can be very expensive. In addition to that, you have to put all your efforts in creating it thereby making it a very tedious and time consuming task. Nonetheless, your kids would definitely wear this costume for weeks.

Cartoon characters

Another Halloween costume idea well-suited for kids is cartoon characters including anime based costumes. This is actually sensible and logical since all cartoon characters are created using wild imagination and creativity much like fantasy characters. As of today, anime or animations are in boom. Even though they are not quite scary, there are some special effects used that makes them worthy for Halloween.

Cartoon character and anime characters are actually a good option especially if you’re familiar with the character your child wants to portray. Even girls can dress-up as anime wearing bright colored hairdos and funky outfit. However, this can be a challenging task especially if you’re opting for an anime. In addition to that, this can be expensive. Regardless of that fact, this is a unique Halloween costume suitable for your kids.

2 in 1 costumes

If you want your child to wear something impressive, you can make a 2 in 1 costume. This is basically a combination of two characters. A classic example is the combination of Alice in wonderland and the Red Queen. You’ll make and combine half of Alice’s character for the right part and Red Queen’s character for the left part. This is actually a one of a kind costume.

Like other downsides for these examples of creative Halloween costumes, budget would be a problem. Since you’re going to make two costumes, you can expect more work. But, it will all be worth it once your child loves it.

The most important factor in making a costume is to always consult your kid. He or she would know which one is the best among the numerous examples of creative Halloween costumes for kids 2012.

Creative Halloween Costumes for Kids 2012
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