Creative Way to Give Gift Cards

There is always a creative way to give gift cards to a loved one or work colleague. Many traditional people are of the opinion that a gift card is highly impersonal. Some might even say that it is outright cold. They say it does not express affection and equate it to an insensitively stashing money into a sachet or an envelope. To make skeptics such as those traditionalists feel better about giving cards as gifts, one has to think outside the box.

Undoubtedly, gift cards are always received well as a gift and therefore the only thing to complete the gift is to find creative and fun ways to wrap it up before giving it out. One should be creative in presenting the card and this will not only show your heart felt intentions but also makes the gift more interesting to the recipient. You can make the gift more personal by wrapping it in a more personal way to even ebb a surprise aspect to it.

How Can You Creatively Give a Gift Card?

You can wrap the gift card up in one of the gift card organizers. You can get one online from GiftCard.log. Apart from being a great gift to present to someone, the recipient will use it for along time because at some point or another, he or she may have several other gift cards that still have some unused balances and they do not know how to store them. The gift card organizer gives them an opportunity to safely keep any other cards they may have while storing the current gift card that you have given them as a present this time round. The organizer has a provision to write down balances remaining after a certain use as well as expiry date of the cards. This organizer would cost you thirteen dollars.

You may also want to creatively wrap the gift card as a Christmas tree ornament. In this way, the ornament will used longer after this year’s Christmas season. One of the ornaments is the Victorian Trading Animated Music Box and can be bought at only eight dollars from online stores especially WalMart, Walgreens and Kroger shops. To minimize costs, you can make the ornament yourself and hand it on the tree, then tactfully ask the recipient of the gift card to open it and they will be pleasantly surprised to see a gift card. Another fun and creative way to give gift cards to someone is to put the card into a balloon before blowing it. After you blow it up, draw fun things and hang it. This is a creative way comes with a noise making opportunity because the recipient will have to pop it up to get to it.

More Fun and Creative Ways to Give Gift Cards

Kids are a fabulous avenue to give someone a gift. Use animals, especially stuffed animals. Children of all ages love getting stuffed animals for presents. Most come with a gift card in the paws like Target, Toys R Us and Walgreens. Any one of these gifts will cost you between three and seven dollars.

Look around you and you will find a fun and creative way to give gift cards to your loved ones and friends.