Credit Card Fraud Protection – Protect Yourself with this Quick Tip

I had never thought much about credit card fraud until the day that I decided to treat myself to some new clothes and headed to the clerk at the register to pay.

She seemed really nice and saw the tops I was buying and then pointed to an accessory stand at the other end of the counter. She was showing me necklaces and earrings that would go with my outfits and of course my eyes followed. She stayed at the cash but I moved over slightly to take a closer look.

I quickly looked at the accessories and decided against them. At that moment she pointed to this display she had taken my credit card from me. When I didn’t look at them for very long, she suddenly “dropped” my card on the floor and bent down to pick it up. She giggled and apologized and made lots of small talk.

The transaction went ahead as usual, and no problems until two weeks later when I was online doing some banking, I saw charges on my bank credit card that I had not done. They were from stores in other parts of the country.

I reported this right away and they stopped my account and opened me a new one and sent me a new card. I felt violated and wondered where I had gone wrong. A few weeks later the investigator phoned me and said they had traced this problem back to the store that I had purchased my clothes in.

I was shocked. He said they don’t always find the source but in this case they got lucky. This clerk had basically distracted me then dropped the card and on the way back up she stuffed it into a wallet sized copier just for this purpose.

Never Let Your Eyes Leave the Card

So, his advice to me, is to never let your eyes off the card once it leaves your hand. They have to some how get it into this little copier and the best way is to distract you or drop it.

Just Thought I Should Let Every One Know this Important Tip

We can’t stop all the credit card fraud but this is one tip I always follow. With the new cards out there now they basically have to copy your card not just have the number.

Another area he told me to watch is self serve gas stations. He said if you put your card in the reader just make sure you do not see any little wires coming out of the reader. He told me one sly guy put a copier on top of the gas pump and attached it to the card reader with a wire and got copies of hundreds of cards.

We get busy and it can be very easy to simply give your credit card to the clerk and move on or look at accessories. But they take advantage of this when they want to get at your money. So everyone please be careful and protect your money.