News Credit Card with Low Late Payment Fee: Companies You...

Credit Card with Low Late Payment Fee: Companies You can Opt For


Credit Card with Low Late Payment Fee

Although credit card with low late payment fee is available, it is still best that late payment should not be incurred. This is primarily because any forms of debt interests are still considered as money spent unwisely. Nonetheless, late payments are still inevitable events especially for those who are living from paycheck to paycheck. For that reason, in choosing a credit card company, one must consider late payment fees as well. Thus, in this article you would find out credit card companies that offer low payment fees.

Why late payments of credit card bills should be avoided?

Before going to the main concept of this article, knowing the benefits and reason why you should limit incurring late payments is imperative. This is primarily because without knowing the consequences of your action, your once or twice overdue payments would turn into a bad habit.

When paying credit card bill early, one may enjoy perks of low interest rates. Lending institutions including credit card companies have the right to fluctuate interest rates. Typically, once they have increased you interest rate, this means that you’re already 2 months due. Thus, even though you opt for low payment fees, probability of paying high amounts of interest is still possible especially if you’re doing it consecutively.

Another effect of late payments is being enlisted in debt collectors’ files. Today, due to the rampant rise of late payments, credit card companies utilize debt collecting agencies. Even if your balance is minimal, your account would still be forwarded to the debt collector. This is not something you should take for granted. If you are aware of credit scores, late payments would surely appear in it. This would greatly affect your chances of approval in regards to your future loans.

Credit card companies that offer low payment fees

Going back to the main concept of this article, what are your cards options in regards to credit card with low payment fee? There are numerous credit companies you can opt for. In fact, there are even some websites such as that provide top 10 credit cards offering low payment fees. Nonetheless, here are some credit cards that you may find interesting.

  • Advanta credit card – Fees would range from $19 to $39 depending on your balance.
  • Aventuim credit card – They will charge you $29 for balances ranging from $500 and below. For higher balances, the will charge you $39 per late payments.
  • Capital One credit cards – Varying charges are offered by Capital One which would depend on your balances. For balances $1 to $99.99, a fee of $15 is charged. You will also be charged $29 for balances that fall the range of $100 to $249.99. Lastly, for balance that range $250 and above, a fee of $39 is charged.
  • American Dreamcard – They charge a stable amount of $39 no matter the amount of balance you have.


As presented above, varying fees are charged depending on your balances. Considering it deeply, $15 to $39 is already worth a meal or two. If you look at it at that viewpoint, credit card with low late payment fee can be a convenient option but it is not really an ideal especially in today’s crisis.

Credit Card with Low Late Payment Fee: Companies You can Opt For
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