Business Cree LN luminaires- Amazing Lighting for the Office

Cree LN luminaires- Amazing Lighting for the Office


About Cree Lighting

Cree Lighting is a leader in the field of commercial lighting in America. The firm has expanded with acquisitions of many well-known brands in the lighting sector and by manufacturing from global locations to serve a wide range of applications. The firm has also quite a few accomplishments to its credit- such as the first commercially available LED Lighting fixture, network- connected smart lights and warm light LED bulbs. The outfit has been featured by Fast Company as one of the world’s Top 50 most innovative companies in 2015. They have now come up with a fine solution for improving the lighting in office environments with Cree Ln- a suspended ambient luminaire.

Suspended Ambient Luminaires work in two ways- they provide down lighting for tasks as well as up lighting to improve indirect ambient light. These fixtures are suspended from a ceiling mount using strong wires. Compares to conventional suspended lights, Cree LN luminaires feature improvements on every facet- be it design, operating life or efficiency. Let’s find out why Cree LN series lights are a must-have addition to your office:

Reduced Glare

Cree LN lights push as much as 60% of the total light output for ambient lighting, with the remaining output being available for down lighting. The benefit of diffusing this much light indirectly is that it eliminates dark areas with little light from the room. With reduced glare from down lighting, you can ensure your employees do not get fatigued over long hours of work.

WaveMax Technology for High Optical Efficiency

Cree has launched an innovative waveguide technology to ensure up to 90% optical efficiency from its luminaires. The light beam undergoes total internal reflection within the armature before being emitted outward. This ensures that the emitted light undergoes minimal deflection with more light being available per square foot. The WaveMax reflector also looks aesthetically excellent with its gentle lines and curvature. Diamond Facet optical elements enhance the efficacy of the fixture.

Dual Color Temperatures

The Cree LN series also features dual color temperatures with 3400 lumens being available at 3500K (warm daylight) and 4000K (Cool light). This feature does not result in much wastage of power of efficiency unlike competing designs. With two color temperature settings, the light output can complement the natural light hue whether it is day or night. Studies of working environments also show that employees report better performance when working in warm light during the daytime and cool light during night hours.

Slim and Effective Design

Suspended fixtures do tend to take up more visual space than ceiling mounted fixtures. With its compact reflectors and slim profile, lighting designers find Cree LN lights a good fit with the newest trends in office design. The gradual slope of the reflectors with a barely visible lighting element evokes graceful airplanes and birds of flight.

Award Winning SmartCast Technology

SmartCast Technology allows wireless control of the Cree lighting fixtures with 2.4Ghz radio frequency. Smartcast brings up to 70% savings without cumbersome additional wiring and installation needed for conventional lighting. An optional remote controller allows simple one-button setup of lighting in the room.


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Cree LN luminaires- Amazing Lighting for the Office
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