Cremation Jewelry: Pendants as Memorial of Deceased Loved Ones

Cremation Jewellery is the best way to keep the memories of the deceased loved one alive for the life time. Cremation jewellery is available in many symbols and styles. Cremation jewellery offers wide choice to choose from based on the personality, religion and also the personal taste of the individual. Pendants are one of the best options for cremation jewellery. Many people love to make these memorial pendant for ashes. A small amount ash is put into the pendant so that the person wearing the pendant will feel that the deceased loved one is with them always.

Cremation JewelleryThe tradition of cremating the bodies of dead is not new. This is practiced by some religions since centuries. The ashes collected can be stored in some type of jewellery like pendants to make them memorial pendant for ashes of the deceased person. People used to store the ashes in vases and display it in their home. This is still followed by many people and there are few who are now opting to store the ashes in cremation jewellery so that they can feel the presence of the deceased person with them always.

Memorial Pendant: Cremation jewellery can be a simple pendant in different shapes such as crosses, starts, roses, rosaries and so on. It is also possible to write the name of the deceased person on the pendant. The image of the deceased person can also be placed inside the pendant. Most popular shape of pendants is the heart shape. These can carry the image of the person as well as the ashes. These are made from various material from gold to other metals. These are also decorated with pearls, emeralds, rubies or sapphires depending on the personal choice.

Types of cremation jewellery: Other types of cremation jewellery are the bracelets, necklaces and so on. Steel bracelets are made to keep the ashes of the deceased or the hair of the person. Bracelets are made in gold, titanium of silver metal. These are available in models that are suitable for men and women. It is not necessary that cremation jewellery is used only for the loved ones. People also use them to remember their pets. Pendants in several designs such as dogs, horse, birds and cats are available. The name of the pets can be written on them. The ashes of the pets or the fur are also stored in their cremation jewellery. Angel’s wings pendant, cross pendant and pendants in other shapes and sizes are the popular choice for cremation jewellery.