News Cretaceous Period Dinosaurs

Cretaceous Period Dinosaurs


The Cretaceous Period (145 million to 65 million years ago): In this last dinosaur period, the landscape changed most of all. Flowering plants became common. The modern continents began to form as older landmasses broke up. Sometimes these new continents became huge islands or were partly flooded by the ocean. Sometimes they collided with other continents. North America was divided for part of the Cretaceous by a huge shallow sea with the western lands connected to Asia. South America and India became isolated island contents. Europe turned into chain of large islands.

The world was warmer than it is today and there was no ice at the poles. Some areas became dry and desert like; other became warmer and wetter. Early types of flowering plants and trees began spreading over the lands, replacing some of the conifers and ferns. Now you collected enough basic information about What Is Dinosaur during the Jurassic Period?

Dinosaurs lived in all these changing lands and different climates. Some saw snow during the dark winters in Alaska and Australia. Others lived nearer the equator in places as dry as the Gobi Desert today or in wetlands in North Africa where the modern Sahara Desert is.

In the following snap you will see the Posture Dinosaur which has straight neck.

Sauropods took on many new and giant forms, including Argentinosaurus, the largest dinosaur known. Vicious, long clawed “raptor” dinosaurs roamed the Northern Hemisphere.

Some meat eaters grew feathers; others developed beaks instead of teeth. Bird hipped plant eaters evolved into armored, duck billed, dome headed and packed with hundreds of grinding teeth.

Cretaceous Period Dinosaurs
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