Crime Detective Magazine Covers

Interesting Concepts on Crime Detective Magazine Covers

Crime detective magazine covers are used since the 1920’s. As you can observe, magazine covers that are centralized on crime detectives can easily catch one’s attention. This may be due to the increasing crime rate experienced today. Some are due to the recent hype on fictional crime-related stories featured not only in books but in movies and televisions as well. Nonetheless, imageries in regards to crime detective have been in bookstands for decades now. In terms of reading materials portraying mysteries, suspense, crime and detective works; an enticing cover should be presented to attract readers. Thus, concepts regarding these types of magazine covers are frequently searched. With that being said, here are some ideas that you can adopt.

Bondage Covers

Ever since the 1960’s, bondage covers were used as crime detective magazine covers. The idea behind these images is bounding a person. In the early years of bondage covers, women are shown as bounded victims were their mouth is also gagged. Basically, the main idea portrayed here is “the damsel in distress” or “hostage set-up” concept.

In contemporary detective magazine covers, this concept is not that popular anymore. Magazine covers have evolved to a more dramatic set-up. Some prefer to show images of victims of violence as their magazine cover. Nonetheless, if you’re trying to revive this concept, modern day background scenarios and a little creativity would do the trick.

Detective Photographs

Another popular magazine cover featured for years are men in dark trench coat photos. In some images, guns are involved. This concept is never considered as an out-dated cover. For years, transitions were made to make it look more modern. As you can notice today, portraits of FBI agents, police officers or anyone with a badge are commonly used as crime detective magazine covers.

This is actually a decent idea compared to crime photos that are morbid in style. Furthermore, portraying a “hero” or “modern day superhero” is something that is appropriate for all ages. You don’t have to worry about parents complaining that their kids would be horrified by the magazine cover.

Crime scene photos

Due to the recent hype in crime solving television series, portraying detectives doing investigatory procedures and protocols is a bit catchy and appropriate for all ages. Some individuals are curious to know what’s behind the crime scene. Thus, they would surely be tempted to purchase your magazine. This is actually considered as the 21th century crime detective magazine covers. With different gadgets, equipments, chemistry and creative crime scene backgrounds that you can photograph and enhance for a more dramatic effect; this concept will never be considered as typical and over-used idea.


In regards to magazine covers portraying crimes and detectives, the internet is your best tool to gather some ideas. Basically, one concept alone won’t efficiently work if you’re targeting wide readers. Imagination and creativity is the best skills you’ll need. Keep in mind that showing dead bodies and horrifying scenes have garnered several controversies. Thus, you have to play it safe and add a little mystery if you want it to be displayed in every newsstands and bookstores. With that being said, you can use these concepts to create your latest portrayals of crime detective magazine covers whether through photography, sketching or painting.