Criminal Investigators and Special Agents

Requirements Needed to Become Criminal Investigators and Special Agents

With the latest craze in crime solving shows almost everyone wants to try and experience the job of criminal investigators and special agents. Contrary to popular belief, being a law enforcement officer is far from being easy and exciting. Certain rules, abilities, knowledge and skills should be implemented and acquired in order to be successful in maintaining society’s peace and orderliness. Furthermore, every assignment should be taken seriously but calmly. Thus, personality is also an important factor to consider. To give you a better perspective here are details on the necessary requirements you need to acquire in becoming one of them.

Abilities and skills required

In terms of abilities, a long list of requirements is imperative. To name a few, here are important abilities that you should develop to easily acquire a job of criminal investigators and special agents.

  • Communication abilities – One important requirement for any law enforcement officer is to efficiently communicate with the public. In a way this is also considered as an important skill. This is because in order to communicate effectively, one needs efficient public speaking skills. Meaning, the public should hear clearly and understand every word you say. Thus, it is very important to speak in simple manner and avoid using jargons. Furthermore, you also have to listen efficiently. Keep in mind that proper communication works both ways.
  • Comprehension skills and contributing ideas – Logic or simply reasoning is very important requirement. Being an authority figure, one should understand the law and apply logic in it. As you know there are grey matters when it comes to law. There will always be black and white. Thus, you have to determine when you can apply reasoning. This actually contributes to your decision making skills. Aside from that, you have to contribute some insights as well to build a well-structured plan.
  • Perfect vision – Your vision is very important especially during crime investigations. This does not only portray to how clear your vision can be. You have to see every detail in a crime even those that are a minute long.
  • Understanding human behavior – In order for one to successfully catch criminals, understanding human behavior is imperative. This is one of your best tools you can use. By determining why certain person do some things that break the law, would enable you to think outside the box and connect certain situations and evidence.


Your personality, temperament and beliefs also play a vital role to succeed in the law enforcement department. As you know, stress is a major issue in crime solving jobs. You have to handle this appropriately. Furthermore, you have to cooperate with a team. Thus, the term “no one is an island” is strictly disregarded. Another important quality is your integrity. No matter what, you should be able to imply the law with fairness and credibility.


Knowledge is another important requirement. Thus, education both in law and military training are imperative for you to apply the law. There are numerous universities such as University of Maryland, University of Michigan and University of Texas-Austin that offer criminal investigation or special agent courses. When you apply for a job, trainings is the next step. As long as you comply with these requirements your path of becoming criminal investigators and special agents would be attainable.