Crisis in Hungary

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The global crisis is a killer. Literally. After Greece has collapsed, and had to beg the whole world for help, now it is turn for Hungary.
I don’t live there, I live in Romania, but being native Hungarian, the news I see and hear on TV affect me much the same as if I were there.
I am not into politics, have never been a member of any party, but what the previous government did to Hungary, made people literally swear.
The other day I watched a news coverage, which stated, that Malev, the Hungarian Airline company is facing collapse, after the previous goverment had taken a giant loan in pretense of modernizing the company.
How much the renewing was carried through, there was not much news about, but the responsible European Union committee said, that Malev was to pay back the entire sum in the first quarter of 2012.
For Hungary this is as if lightning had stricken.
The bad news do not end here.
Budapest, one of the world’s most beautiful cities, is facing total collapse as what concerns public transport. The city is incapacitated to face even the basic maintenance needs of trams, subways and buses.
The same news coverage showed, that one morning, a subway full of people took fire. Fortunately, nobody was hurt, but they declared, that there is an utter lack of means even for the daily maintenance of the existing 20-year-old subway trains.
The question is, where does public sphere money end up, if it is obvious to vanish before reaching the right hands.
This crisis affects not only public transport, but stays in the way of a well built tourism, which provides the state budget with a considerable amount of money. The beautiful monuments stay there in a sad regard of glorious past eras, when the country had to face much harder challenges, being subject to foreing invasion, deplorable law systems, and public humiliation.
I think, there does not pass a day in which ordinary citizen ask themselves, where do their hard work’s values disappear, and if there is a chatarsis for all of the above mentioned, it surely does not seem to favour ordinary folks.

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Crisis in Hungary, Seekyt
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