Cross Rings for Women – An Amalgamation of Style and Religion

Rings have always been a symbol of grace, beauty, elegance and style and if you are someone who prefers to keep divine blessings close at hand, then buying a cross ring might be the perfect way for you to convey your religious sentiments. A cross ring can also be an excellent gift choice as it will communicate your best wishes in the best possible way and is also believed to offer protection against evil eye. In many cultures, it is a ritual for relatives to gift religious jewelry on important occasions like birth, baptism and weddings.

Types of rings

Nowadays, a wide array of designs and styles of rings are available in the market. Made of various metals and material, you can find a ring for every pocket. Here are some common cross ring styles for women:

• Beaded – These rings are made of different colored beads that are threaded into fiber or metal wires. A cross pattern is made by using various vibrant colors and designs.

• Carved – These rings are usually made of wood, bone, stone or metal and have a beautiful cross carved by machine or hand.

• Cluster – As the name suggests, these rings have a cluster of tiny precious or semi-precious stones that are arranged in a design so as to make a cross pattern.
• Band – These are thick metal band rings that have a cross design or a bible verse inscribed all across their diameter.

• Double Finger Cross Ring – This is one of the most trendy rings and covers two fingers with the cross pattern that overlaps on both the fingers and looks very interesting.

Here are some tips for wearing a cross ring gracefully:

1. People with short fingers should choose rings with a straight line design as they can make your fingers appear longer. On the contrary, if you have very long fingers, you should opt for the rings in sloping lines.

2. If you have very thin fingers, small stones and thick bands can make your fingers appear wider.

3. For thick and wide fingers, you should opt for medium bands with cluster and round stones.

4. Make sure that that you do not go overboard and wear a lot of rings. Ideally, one or two rings in a hand are perfect.

5. If you are wearing a chunky cross statement ring, do not wear any other ring on that hand.

6. No matter how pretty your ring is, it will not look good if your nails are not properly groomed and filed.

7. You should always try on different types of rings before selecting the one that suits best on your hand.

Whether you want to wear a cross ring for religious reasons or just want to make a style statement, make sure that you sport it with confidence and pride.

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