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Cross tattoos for women

Cross tattoo

Cross tattoos are meant for holding several spiritual and religious base.These tattoo designs are one of the fastest growing ones that inspire beauty accompanied with elegance among tattoo enthusiasts.Starting from beginners to hardcore tattoo lovers cross tattoos are the coolest designs that symbolize style, culture and individual inclination to faith.

Cross Tattoo Meaning

Cross symbol is considered to be a very sacred one among the religious people and generally it is thought to represent Christianity. But to some other cultures it signifies purity, immortality and life whereas other religious associations with cross tattoos may symbolize the unity of earth and heaven or the union of the sun and the stars. Cross, again stands for Mother and Father Nature.Certain culture believes that the cross means the world-wheel at the center of which is God and the world revolves round Him. To some the four arms of cross signify four main directions-north, south, east and west or the four hands represent four elements of human form. Sometimes cross is believed to be a holy sign of rising and setting of sun.

Cross Tattoo Designs for Women

Among the myriad feminine designs one can choose any pattern depending on the cultural theme apart from Christianity. Though Christian cross tattoos are universally accepted and well-acquainted by all there are lots of cross symbol designs that are in the list of tattoos.

Celtic Cross Tattoos

Celtic cross designs belong to the Celtic culture and sometimes are identical to Christian cross designs. They look like knots and these crosses are fixed on rings. Ordinary Celtic crosses are red ones but Christian Celtic crosses are longer ones set on ring. These types of cross tattoos are the most popular among the girls with their curve or circular shape.

Iron Cross Tattoos

Iron cross tattoo is popular for symbolizing courage and bravery. Actually it is used to give honor to the soldiers in the military in Germany. It is one of the best chosen small cross tattoos that women are choosing as distinct and exclusive ones. Usually dark colors are chosen to give the perfect feel to these kinds of tattoos.

Egyptian Cross Tattoos

This is another type of small cross tattoo design that is also called Ankh. This is a unique pattern with a loop at the top. It represents life and the union of male and female Gods.

Jesus Cross Tattoos

This type of cross tattoo is the one that represents Christianity once again. Cross tattoo with the image of Jesus Christ is a great option for someone who is a religious devotee.

Latin Cross Tattoos

Latin cross tattoo design is a simple and eye-catching one that shows the intersection of the horizontal line at the vertical line in a different and interesting way.

Gothic Cross Tattoos

Gothic tattoos have separate patterns which are Germanic in character.They can come up with pictures of knives or swords.

Crucifix Cross Tattoos

Crucifix tattoo is the wooden form that symbolizes Christianity and meant for people who follow Christianity.They are most popular with images of Jesus among women.

T-shaped Cross Tattoos

The T-shaped cross was believed to be used by pagans and later adorned by Mayans as an auspicious symbol.It was also thought that the Mayans used to worship birds that were supposed to sit on one of the T-shaped crosses.

Floral Cross Tattoos

Cross tattoo designs surrounded by floral vine or blossoms is always a cute and moving idea that women rush for.Small cross tattoos with rosary on wrist or ankle is best suitable for feminine designs.

Wing Designs

Dove wings are added to cross tattoos for signifying innocence and are portrayed in rounded way and with pink or white color. Again hawk or eagle wings are depicted with cross designs for darkness and bringing the feel of toughness.Dragon patterns come with green or black colors to mean boldness and fantasy.

Cross tattoos placed on neck, wrist, ankle or shoulder have different appeals and meaningfulness for women. They are the most uncontroversial tattoos that can be inked at anytime anywhere by anyone.

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