Crystal Clear Swimming Pool –an utter bliss

Having a crystal-clear swimming pool that allows you to measure its depth with a transparent vision is an utter bliss. Everyone dreams of such a pool that inspires awe in the onlooker and creates a scenic beauty at your premises. Neither it’s too difficult nor too easy to maintain cleanliness at your pool. You just need to take some measures, and few instructions are to be followed to achieve clear water in your pool.

Factors affecting the quality of pool water

Ph level: The ph level of a swimming pool is to be maintained in the range, 7.2 to 7.6. The water with such ph level is quite suitable for skin and lets you stay in the pool throughout the day. The neutral nature of water, neither acidic nor basic, makes sure that you don’t get rashes or any skin allergy.

Bacterial Content: More often, swimming pools are exposed to environment and are quite vulnerable to bacterial growth as well. The bacterial growth, unfortunately, degrades the quality of your pool water. You may notice the change in color and emerging translucence when viewed from the top. Thus, the pool starts to look more like a pond without fishes.

Algae Growth: No one would like to see traces of algae in one’s pool; it disgusts the onlooker and refrain him from entering the pool. It happens mostly in winters when a swimming pool is subjected to abeyance. Alga is a type of fungus that belongs to saprophytic category of plant kingdom. It grows prominently in stagnant water: pool, ponds, lakes, etc.

How to tackle with such problems?

Hazy water in your pool reduces clarity and snatches away the shimmer from your pool. You can retain the quality of your pool by taking some easy steps. First of all, one should maintain a proper ph level of water in pool. It can be done using some chemicals that maintains the ph level to neutral. Before adding the chemicals to the pool water, one must test the acidity and alkalinity of the water, the chemicals should be added accordingly. If you are unable to attain precision in this regard, you can seek experts’ help.

Bacterial growth is inevitable in a pool. It is needed to keep a check on the bacterial growth before it paces at an alarming rate. Nowadays, you can find various water treatment appliances that are incorporated with electronic as well chemical aid for the absolute removal bacteria from the water.
Further, the growth of algae can be controlled by ALGI BLOC. ALGI BLOC is an easy-to-avail chemical that eradicates the growth of algae when evenly mixed with the pool water. You can use this substance during winters when the pool is least used.


Chlorination is an ultimate solution when it comes to purifying pool water. Chlorine has a tendency to condition water and make it fit for swimming pools over days to come. The addition of chlorine saves you on the expenses of replacing existing pool water with fresh water. You can add chlorine to your pool for purification, but it can only be done up to a saturation point. The abundance of chlorine in water causes irritation to eyes and skin. Therefore, after a certain limit, it is advised to replace the existing water with fresh water.


You can opt for various methods for cleaning your pool. But, it’s less of a feasible for a layman to execute such processes; thus, need of a professional service is felt. Magic Pool is a team of professionals that offers its assistance for the maintenance of your pool. The company provides the most effective solutions for pool-water cleaning and that too at reasonable rates.