Crystals & Minerals that can be used for Natural Healing

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Crystals and minerals have been used for years as a way of natural healing, for mind, body and spirit. Working with the Chakra system, which is the energy that surrounds each and everyone of us, sometimes known as our aura, crystals and minerals can cure disorders and illnesses, or at least ease the symptoms, ranging from arthritis to epilepsy, MS to insomnia, and skin conditions to depression. The way in which they are able to do this is through the energy they give off, as crystals and minerals, like all matter on this earth, are vibrating energy. Everyone’s energy, and all crystals and minerals energy, vibrates at a different frequency, and introducing different crystals into your life can help balance out your aura, increasing or decreasing the frequency as and when its needed.

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Crystals and minerals can be used during meditation working with the Chakra System, or can be carried around in your pocket, or even worn as jewellery, as a pendant, ring, bracelet or earrings. There are no right or wrong ways to use crystals and minerals, it really is a case of listening to your heart and following your gut instinct, as crystal healing is such a personal thing. Choose crystals and minerals that you feel most attracted to, and follow the method that you feel the most comfortable with.

It is advisable to cleanse any new stones that you may aquire, as they absorb energy and will have taken in alot of other peoples energy on its journey. Cleansing crystals and minerals is easy, it simply involves leaving the stones in sea or salt water for twenty-four hours, leaving them in sun or moon light for twenty four hours, or burying them in the garden for at least one cycle of the sun and one of the moon. If you cleanse the stones it means you have a blank canvas to work with and the crystals and minerals will work alot more effectively.

Here I’ve put together a list of many different ailments that are commonly suffered from today, and which crystals and minerals are best used for that particular illness. The Chakra System is also explained, and how you can incorporate crystals and minerals into your everyday life to improve your well-being.

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Crystals & Minerals that can be used for Natural Healing, Seekyt
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