CSL500 Helix Curved Stair Lift – Space-saving Design and Reliable Operation

A curved staircase is a beautiful feature in many homes. However, it can pose issues for older adults and members with disabilities, preventing them from accessing the upper floors and threatening their independence. The solution lies in installing a premium quality curved stairlift. There are models for curved, straight and winding staircases and those with multiple landings, steep angles and round corners. Here, we look at a premium quality model from industry leader Harmar – the CSL500 Helix Curved Stair Lift.

CSL500 – Sleek and Quiet

Featuring a slim, ergonomic design, this lift is easy to install and offers an ultra smooth, whisper-quiet ride. The device mounts inside or outside stairs and fits virtually any staircase. Its narrow profile mounts closer to the wall, with tighter bends.

The stairlift seat is specifically designed for user comfort and safety. It features upholstered seats, arm and foot rests, retractable seat belts and simple one-touch controls. A manual swivel seat and full flip-back arms allows users to get on and get off easily. The lift is also designed to allow maximum space on the staircase for pedestrians.

Featuring a rack and pinion gear system, this curved stair chair lift comes with a maximum load capacity of 350 lbs and travels at a speed of 25.5 fpm. It is integrated with a number of safety devices such as safety edges, over-speed governor and emergency stop button. Some of its other features are –

• True-curve rail for smooth, precise bends and turns
• Travel – 20′ standard; 164′ Maximum
• Track (rail) type – Steel, Powder coated
• Stylish appearance
• Simple-connect rails and lighter chassis for easy installation
• Seat depth – 14.96′ (380 mm)
• Operation power – 24V DC Battery
• Minimum folded width – 14.37′
• Incline range – 72?
• Full-fold armrests
• Electrical requirements – 120V – 220V AC
• Average number of return trips per charge – 10
• Attractive neutral beige or custom color and fabric options

Prevent Slips and Falls

Falls are a leading cause of injury among the elderly population. According to reports from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), one out of three adults above the age of 65 years fall every year, resulting in sprains, bone fractures and other injuries. In many cases, slips and falls occur when the elderly use the stairs in their home. If the staircase is one with curves and bends, installing a reliable lift like the CSL500 Helix would make life much easier for them.