Cuisinart BMKR-200PC Vs CBK-100: Comparing the CBK-100 and BMKR-200

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BMKR-200PC Vs CBK-100 – Which is Best for You?

Here, we will compare two popular & well-regarded Cuisinart bread makers, the CBK-100 against the BMKR-200PC, where we will give a brief overview of both models (so you can get a clear idea as to what both machines can offer) and then highlight both their differences (as well as their similarities) so you can easily decide which machine is best suited for your bread making needs.

BMKR-200PC Overview

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This bread machine offers numerous features and for its price (of around $80) it offers real value for money. It utilizes Cuisinart’s unique technology to ensure a quality bread loaf consisting of a well developed crust, soft texture and bold color.

With regards to specifics you are provided with a i) measuring mug and ii) spoon as well as a recipe book for you to follow (so you can make specific & specialized bread loaves e.g. gluten free bread, extra crusty etc.) — moreover you have a range of options to select from with the LCD menu display such as: choosing from three crust colors, deciding on loaf sizes (1 lb, 1.5 lbs & up to 2 lbs), whether you want it to delay (up to 13 hours). There is also a few additional in-puts as well as like the 15 min pause, ‘bake only, and even a power failure back up supply. In all, the BMKR-200PC is a quality machine scoring 4 stars out of 5 (on average).

Dimensions: 12.5 by 14.5 by 8.25 inches | Weight: 18 lbs

CBK-100 Overview

This model is actually an update to the BMKR-200PC so they are essentially the exact same bread machine, only this model has undergone a slight revamp with cooking tech etc. — so they essentially offer the same specs & features (in terms of size, weight and come with the ‘stay cool handles’ & recipe book etc.).

Just to give slightly more detail with regards to the display: it lets you select your loaf size, coloring and view the relevant details such as the delay start timer.

With regards to the program options: you can select either white or basic, French or Italian, whole wheat bread, sweet bred, gluten free, a packaged mix, quick bread, dough & pasta dough prep , bake and rapid bake — it is even suitable for making home-made jams (the recipe book explains clearly all the relevant details with each option — which you can actually check out through a download link on its page along with the product manual, just under product details). Furthermore, you can frequently check how your bread is coming on through the viewing window installed into the bread machine’s removable lid.

Note: both Cuisinart bread machines are integrated with a power back-up system, so if your electric was to cut out for whatever reason, the machine will memorize your baking settings and will resume as usual when your power recovers.

The Differences Between the CBK-100 and BMKR-200PC

So there is little to pretty much no differences between them (they offer the same loaf sizes, colors, baking options etc.), as said the BMKR-200PC has basically undergone a revamp & rebrand. But, in all they are (it is) a great bread machine that will serve you numerous quality home-made freshly baked loaves.

Which Bread Machine Should You Buy the CBK-100 or BMKR-200PC?

If I were you I’d just go with whichever model is cheapest (as you aren’t really missing anything from either model, as clarified above, by going for one over the other) and if not (i.e they are around the same price), I’d recommend that you just go for the latest update, being the CBK-100.

Finally, if you have any questions or issues about the comparison of the CBK-100 Vs BMKR-200PC then please leave them below.

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Cuisinart BMKR-200PC Vs CBK-100: Comparing the CBK-100 and BMKR-200, Seekyt
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