Culligan Water Softener Parts

Are you looking for Culligan water softener parts? The search can be frustrating to say the least. I did an exhaustive search in order to find out where you can get parts for your Culligan water softener. Here is what I found.

Culligan parts are all proprietary. What this means is that it can be very difficult to find parts for your water softener anywhere other than at a Culligan dealer. In order to find the closest Culligan dealer, either visit or call 877-386-0823.

Culligan parts, and particularly Culligan service and repair, can be quite expensive though so we don’t want to stop with the official Culligan dealer. There are a few other places to check for culligan parts before going to the dealer.

You may have some luck on eBay. I just did a quick search and there are many listings for all of the various types of filters and other parts. Reverse osmosis filters, reverse osmosis membranes, retention tanks, UV purification lights, faucet filters, shower filters, and whole house filters all came up in the search results. If you’re looking for parts beyond these types they are a little more rare, but if you search often you should be able to locate what you’re looking for with a little work.

I also found many off-brand filters that were claimed to work in Culligan systems. I have not tried them myself, but these could be a good option if you’re looking to save money on the filters as well as the official filters can be expensive too.

The other most obvious option would be Craigslist. I just did a quick search for my local area and there are all kinds of used systems for sale at good prices. I’m sure you could also locate parts with a patient search and you may be able to get a replacement unit at a good price too that would eliminate the need for parts.

Overall, finding Culligan parts somewhere other than the official dealerships can be tough. But if you’re patient you can definitely find Culligan water softener parts elsewhere on the internet.