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Cure Heartburn with Diet and Herbs

Home cures are beneficial in controlling heartburn and indigestion however you must change your lifestyle and diet in order for treatment to be effective. If your diet consists of spicy, fried or high fat content food then you may be plagued by heartburn on a daily basis. Your diet may be a factor for heartburn. There may also be an underlining medical condition such as hernia, ulcers, gallbladder, or enzyme deficiency. Learn the triggers for your heartburn and then treat with natural solutions.

Keep a journal to determine the cause of your heartburn. Document the foods that you eat and if these foods were heartburn triggers. Certain foods, stressful situations, prescription medication can trigger a heartburn attack. If you find that foods or beverages attribute to heartburn then eliminate them from your diet. If you find that medication is the cause; heartburn after you take pill then report you’re finding to your physician as it could be a sign of serious medical condition.

Before you begin a natural home cure for heartburn it is best to test your stomach acid levels. In order for you to get accurate results you need to take the test when you having heartburn.

Test your acid levels by squeezing the juice of a fresh lemon until you have one tablespoon. Swallow the lemon juice and wait ten minutes. If the lemon juice remedies your heartburn then this means you need more stomach acid. However, if your heartburn becomes worse, your stomach has too much hydrochloric acid.

Diet to Remedy Heartburn

Take steps to control the symptoms. If food is causing your heartburn then treat your heartburn with a diet; eat fresh vegetables, lean meats and fiber.

Stick to the guidelines of your diet by getting rid of the trigger foods in your kitchen cabinets, refrigerator and freezer. Do a clean sweep of the kitchen by removing high fat content, processed, fried food, citrus, chocolate, caffeinated tomatoes, onions and other acidic foods from your refrigerator and cabinets. Remember food is not your friend and some foods will make you ill.

Sip apple cider vinegar mixed with water while you are eating. This is a natural remedy for heartburn. Another mealtime tips would be to chew your food slowly. If you race through your meal then it is more than likely that you will suffer heartburn. Take time to enjoy your meal and do not overeat.

Brew ginger root herbal tea anytime you feel a heartburn attack coming on. Drink the ginger tea when it is warm. Sweeten the spicy tasting tea with honey. This tea is a natural solution for heartburn

Control Stress

Participate in a daily exercise routine. Exercise will help to control your stress levels. Stress is the predecessor to many underlying illnesses. Control stress by reacting to situations, whenever you feel a stress attack coming on then stop and do a deep breathing exercise or walk away from the situation to clear your head and to regroup.

Herbal Treatment for Heartburn

Medicinal herbs are helpful in curing heartburn. You can grow these herbs and make a soothing tea from harvested leaves or you can purchase tea. When treating ailment with medicinal herbs it is best to drink the tea on a daily basis. Before beginning an herbal treatment it is best to check with your physician as the herbs may cause you to have a reaction especially if you are taking prescription medication.

Earth Mama Angel Baby organic heartburn tea by amazon.com

Herbs that remedy heartburn and indigestion: marshmallow root, caraway, chamomile, lemon balm, ginger and licorice. When it comes to choosing an organic herbal tea for heartburn I recommend Earth Mama Angel Baby organic heartburn tea as is not only soothes a woman’s heartburn when she is pregnant it also is safe and gentle and may be used by the entire family.  This tea contains the medicinal herbs marshmallow root, lemon balm and chamomile. These herbs will aid in calming your stomach and heartburn ailment.
If you are in a meeting and feel a heartburn attack coming on then chew a stick of gum. The gum will stimulate saliva and you will swallow more. When you swallow the saliva will bush back the stomach acid in your esophagus.
Take a calcium supplement daily to help treat and control heartburn.

Keep your bowels moving, if your diet is not stimulating a normal daily bowel movement then take sugar free Metamucil multi-health fiber for your digestive health.


If these natural solutions do not ease your heartburn symptoms then make an appointment with your physician for a medical care. Heartburn if left untreated can lead to other serious illnesses


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