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Curing the winter blues with a home makeover

It seems that once the winter chill makes its way to our neck of the woods, the desire to venture outside the warmth of our homes, somewhat diminishes. Our moods start to resemble the colour of the sky and productivity flies out the door, only to be allowed back in once the temperature hits an acceptable level. Snuggling up on the couch, a cup of tea in one hand and the television remote control in the other, becomes a favourite pastime. However enticing this may be, there is still room for productivity on that couch, so move over! I can assure you that this type of productivity will yield long-term rewards, far greater than the TV series you’re planning on binge watching. Pursuing a winter project will help keep you motivated and productive during the colder months and if you’re anything like me, an interior facelift is the ideal project to put that spring back in your step!

Tackling an interior makeover can be challenging and overwhelming when you’re unsure of where to start. We’ve compiled a list of ideas on how you can spruce up your interiors and give your home a new lease on life.

Make a statement with your furnishings

Revamping your interiors does not require you to replace all of your furnishings, but rather incorporating a few timeless gems that will add a world of character and personality to your home. Chinese antiques are a prime example of timeless furnishings. It makes for a fabulous addition to any home, given its ability to compliment a variety of decor. The true beauty of Chinese antique furniture lies in the intricate detail, vibrant colours and the rich history it bears. If you’re searching for a statement piece, this style of furniture will certainly do the trick!

Paint the walls

A bucket of paint, or a few, can do wonders to your interiors. If you’re on a strict budget, consider painting one wall and turning that into a feature wall. Decide on the mood you intend to create and choose your colours accordingly. Room colour can affect your overall mood so when it comes to deciding on colours, choose wisely! Consider the purpose of the room; this will assist you in identifying the mood you would like to create. Is this an area where you’ll be frequently entertaining guests or a place to kick back and relax after a long stressful day?

Remember that the colour of the walls will visually transform your interiors. So, unless you intend to replace your furnishings, ensure that the colour selected is one that complements your current decor. It also has the power to alter your perception of size. By this, we mean that it can make a room appear larger or smaller. As a general rule, light colours are bright and airy and thus has the potential to visually expand a space. Dark colours on the other hand, evoke feelings of warmth and give large spaces a more intimate feel.

Update your cushions & throws

A seasonal change in your cushions and throws is a simple and cost-effective way to update your interiors, without breaking the bank. Choosing an odd number of cushions, ideally three to five is more than adequate. In order to make a visual statement, opt for a few square pillows between 18 and 24 inches in length.

Update your curtains

Choosing the right curtains, shades or shutters can transform your interiors and add value to your home, particularly if selling your property is on the horizon. Though the thought of updating your curtains may not top your list of ‘ways to revamp your interiors’, it certainly should not be ignored given that it has the potential to complement your existing decor and make an impressive statement. While style may be the primary factor driving your decision, it is important to also consider the purpose it will serve, blackout lining options and the energy saving properties. Wood plantation shutters for example, add to the insulation of the room and are highly energy efficient, allowing you to lower your energy consumption, all year round.

You don’t need to feel bamboozled by the concept of a home makeover. We’ve covered four effective ways to update your interiors. There are plenty of other options to explore. So, defy the law of Winter, seek inspiration from multiple sources and set an example for your friends and family. Winter can be a productive season!

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