News Current Issue With The Gaming Industry

Current Issue With The Gaming Industry


Full di??l??ur? bef?r? you ?t?rt r??d?ng thi? ?rti?l?; I ?m ? PC gam?r ?t h??rt. But I am ?l?? ? gam?r that ?nj??? great g?m?? ?n whatev?r ?l?tf?rm th?y ar? ?v??l?ble.

I curr?ntly ?wn ?n Xbox 360, Pl?ySt?ti?n 3, Nintendo W?? (he?, d?n’t l?ugh, ?t se?m?d like ? g??d ide? at th? tim?) and a N?nt?ndo DS.

So I be?r n? ?ll w?ll t?wards ?on??l??, ?v?n th?ugh the m??orit? of my ev?r?d?? gaming take? ?lac? on PC.

It ???m? th?t a? of l?t? th? PC i? hav?ng s?mewhat ?f ? re?urgen?? ?s ? ma??r platform f?r ‘Tr?pl? A’ gam??.

B?ttlef??ld 3 ?? ? good ?xampl? ?f ? m?j?r relea?e th?t flexes it? mu??l?? ?n th? PC ?l?tf?rm ?n ??m?ari??n to the ??n??le ver???n.

The curr?nt g?nerati?n ?f ?on??l?? ar? g?tt?ng ?retty l?ng ?n th? t??th b? now.
W?th 5-6 ?e?r? und?r th?ir b?lt, ?t ?s n? w?nder th?t g?m? d?v?lop?r? ?re tr??ng t? ?que?z? out the l?st dr??? ?f gam?ng ju??? fr?m th??? ?artially mummifi?d fruit? of g?m?ng hardware.

Of ??urse, thi? al?o m??n? th?t th? ?urr?nt c?nsole g?n?r?t??n h?? ? hug? aud?en?? by now, so th?re i? ?l?nty of ?ncent?v? to ?till k??p pump?ng ?ut y?ur gam?? ?n Play?tat?on 3 and Xbox 360.

But ?t d??s lo?k l?k? n?w g?m?s ar? n?w fir?t ?h?wn ?n the PC, wh?r? d?velo??r? ??n g?v? ? truly stunn?ng ?re?ent?t??n, b?for? ? mor? ton?d d?wn v?r??on th?t c?n run ?n c?ns?les is d?m?n?tr?t?d.

Thi? ?s a ver? n?tur?l d?v?l??m?nt, as g?me mak?r? w?ll of ?our?? ?lwa?? be cha??ng those ?tunn?ng v?su?l? that w?ll m?k? th? jaws ?f th? ?ubl?? dr?p ??en and d? th??r b?st ‘fi?h-?n-l?nd’ ?mpr?ss??n.

S?n?? th? gut? of the c?n??les hav? prett? much g?ven all th?t th?? ?r? go?ng to g?ve, it ?? be?om?ng ?lm??t ?m?????ble to get this ??rt of r??cti?n fr?m ?impl? be?ng cl?ver w?th y?ur ??ding.

Y?u n?ed mor? hor?e?ow?r th?n wh?t ??u ??n f?nd w?th?r?ng in?ide a Pl?yStat?on ?r Xb?x.
Enter the PC with ?ts con?t?ntl? ?h?fting hardw?re th?t h?s by now com?let?ly and utterl? ?cl????d th?t of the ?ons?l?s.

This all?ws game d?v?lo??rs to ?r?at? th?s? ?t?nd out vi?uals th?t w?ll get h??ds turn?ng ?nd ?reorder? rolling.
Ev?n if ?t turn? ?ut to b? a bit ?f the old sm?ke ?nd mirror, ?h?w?ng off th? PC v?rsi?n ?f th? gam? on ? ?u??r high ?nd PC, wh?le Joe M?r?? Kart ?nds up ordering th? Xbox 360 v?r???n th?t ?nl? has h?lf of the gr??h??al b?ll? ?nd none ?f the whi?tl?s of th? PC v?rsi?n.

Th?? ?? s?m?th?ng th?t w? h?v? ?e?n b?f?re and ?t’? ? ?ycl? th?t I ?all th? ‘PC Sis?fos ?r?bl?m’.

P??tur? th? ?r?fer?n?? for PC’s a? a big h?ll.
At th? b?tt?m ?f th? h?ll ?s ? l?rge r?ck th?t g?t? pu?hed u? t? to? ?f the h?ll ?s PC games sl?wl? g?in momentum aga?n?t the?r ??ns?l? count?rp?rt?, ?s th??r technolog? ??nt?nues t? ev?lv?.

Ev?ry n?w m?jor ?on??l? g?neration launch s?e? the rel??se of hardw?r? that is usu?ll? ?qu?l ?r better to m?st h?rd?or? g?ming PC’s that ?r? ?ut ?t th? time.
C?u?l?d w?th the f??t that y?u are w?rking w?th ? fix?d platform, th?? m?an? th?t devel???rs ?r? abl? t? ?hurn out some g?m?? th?t put mo?t of th? contem?or?r? PC g?me? t? ?h?m? and m?k?? all gamers g? ‘oo?h, ?hin? shin?!’.

Th? r??k ?s ?t th? b?tt?m of the h?ll

Th?s ?ff??t st?rt? to wane a b?t, but ?fter th? first ??u?l? ?f ??ar? it’s not th?t ?ron?unc?d, b?cau?e devel?pers m?? b? ?truggl?ng w?th h?rdwar? th?t is sl?wl? b?com?ng obs?lete, but the? ?r? ?ls? l?arn?ng all th? tr??k? th?t they ?an use t? cr?m ?t?ll m?re power out of th? b?x.

Th? ro?k ?tarts ?lowly b?ing ?ush?d up the hill

Inevit?bly of course, th?? d?v?l??ment ?f squ?ez?ng ?v?r mor? ?ow?r out of th? s?me h?rdw?r? r?ach?? a l?m?t.
This ?s when ??u ?t?rt n?t???ng th?t PC g?m?s ?r? b?ginning to l??k not????bly bett?r th?n th?ir c?n?ol? ??unt?r??rt?, and ?r?babl? wher? we w?re at ?bout 12-18 m?nths ago.

Th? r??k is n?w v?ry ?l?s? t? th? t?p of th? hill

F?nally we ?nter a br?ef ?eriod, wh?r? it ?? ?v?dent t? ?ver?on? that the PC ?s ?u?t ?un?h?ng th? c?n??l?? in th? fa?? and t?king the?r lun?h m?ne? in t?rm? ?f h?rdw?r? ?ower.

All the v??ually ?m?r?s??v? ?tuff i? b??ng sh?wn ?n PC’s ?nd ??nsol?? have well ?nd trul? hit th??r ??rformance c??ling.

The ro?k r???he? the t?p ?f th? hill and ev?r??n? wi??? the ?we?t off th??r faces and ?n??? ? br?ef and ill ?dv?s?d r?und ?f ‘h?lls y??h, ?n ??ur fa?? M??r???ft/Son?/Seg?/Nint?nd?’.

Thi? ?? the p??nt wher? the n?xt g?ner?t?on of ??n?oles ?? ann?un?ed.

Cramm?d full ?f n?xt gen?rat??n h?rdware ?nd ?port?ng te?h d?mon?tr?ti?n vid??? th?t make PC g?m?r? we?p ??lty t??rs ?f ?nvy, th?y imm?di?tel? r?ll? the gaming ?ublic t?ward? th?? new b??c?n ?f v?su?l ??lend?r.

Th? r?ck tumbl?? h??dl?ng down th? h?ll?ide, ?rush?ng an? PC f?nboys f??l??h en?ugh t? tr? to ?t?? it.

Right n?w we ?re ?u?t ??m?ng u? ?n th? hillt??.

Th? PC ?s m?rk?dl? ?trong?r than the c?n??l?s ?nd w? h?ve y?t t? s?? a r?spons? from th? big tw? ??n??le makers (Nintendo h?? pretty mu?h alread? giv?n u? ?n tr?ing to ?re?te ?on??l?s th?t ?r? h?rdwar? ??w?rhouse?).

S? to ?ll my fell?w PC g?mers th?t ar? push?ng th? r??k al?ngside m? I sa?; En??y our bri?f mom?nt ?f glory and spot ?n the sun.
It’? be?n ? fun ride and I’ll se? you all ?t th? b?ttom ?f th? hill next Chr?stma?.

Don’t ?t?? pushing!

I’m ? ??ss?on?t? g?m?r and lov?r of s???n?? fict?on.

With m?re th?n 25 y??rs of g?m?ng ?nd ??nsuming sci-f? ?n ?ver? m?d?? f?rm, I con??der m?s?lf ??m?thing ?f an ex??rt.

I write r?v?ew?, impres?i?ns, ?p?n?on p?e?e? ?nd th?ng? that are ?u?t m?ant to m?k? you ?mil?.

If y?u l?ke th?s ?rti?l?, then ??u’ll prob?bly l?ke my s?t?, which ??u ??n f?nd her?:

Current Issue With The Gaming Industry
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