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Custom BMX Bikes – Ride What the Pros Ride

Custom BMX Bikes

Want to be also seen riding what only the pros ride? Then you better contact a custom BMX bike shop to get yourself one. Whereas all the ready-made bikes sold at these shops have been fully modified with after-sales parts, one can still get a custom made bike instantly and likewise save close to 10% for the same. For a custom made bike you are granted the opportunity to tailor each and every part of the bike however you fancy starting with the spokes, frames, and tires. To do this you are required to get the after-market parts that are the most recommended. There on, you can customize your bike to your own style through the blending and toning of brands, colours, sizes and specific parts to suit your nature of riding.

Buying a new bike or a custom bike

Most people are normally torn between either buying a new bike or a custom BMX bike. Well, it may come as a surprise to many to know that getting yourself a custom bike is the most recommended way to go about this. They are not only cheap but much light in weight also. With most of weight of the bike falling on the frame, a custom bike can do without front brakes thus become lighter by an ounce. One should also research on lighter parts such as handle bars, cranks, seat, front forks and seat posts before completing any purchase. Let’s take a budget of $20 for instance, your best stake will be a seat and post and doing away with the front brakes. The best proposition is to gradually start saving money to invest in the kind of bike that will be strong and durable over a long period of time to guarantee you the best performance.

Where to get a custom bike?

Getting a custom BMX bike is not as difficult as many would think. There are many different online sites which make it even easier. On the site you will be provided with a list of items to choose from. Then pick out what you need and add it to your cart. When you are done you simply check out by typing the word ‘complete’. Some of these sites make it even more exciting to interested buyers by knocking off 10% of the total amount. Isn’t it better than being forced into the dump packing parts full of junk? Plus you not only save your time but money too. An example of such shops is the Albe’s but there are so many others.

Pushbike factory also provides their customers with hand-built bikes that meet their specifications. They go for the best brand names such as Colony, Macneil that ensure buyers have the best quality bikes for their money. The bikes are designed to suit your color preference, budget and needs. They typically have prices ranging from £800 to £1500 in the United Kingdom.

Types of custom bikes

Some of the already made custom BMX bikes in the market include the Cult Pro black in color. It can be a jump, street, freestyle and park bike going for a clean $749.99. It’s usually rated a top seller. Fly lago 2012 is another top seller sold for $750. Fly Suelo is third on the list going at $899. Normally the bikes come with free shipment right to your door step.

Getting a custom BMX bike describes your style and is so far the best thing ever. Now it’s even better that you get to pick the parts on your own and get to benefit from the huge discounts that are often offered. So there is no time to waste you really should think about going for a customer bike.

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