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Custom’ crib bedding? Why not!

Why customize?

Again, why not? Nowadays, more and more parents look for uncommon yet cool stuff for their babies. Crib bedding is no exception. Unique bedding will brighten the nursery and can be geared to any theme. Because of its uniqueness, custom bedding are usually of a better quality than ordinary bedding which is produced in volumes.

Handmade Floral crib bedding

What makes a crib bedding unique? It may be the design, the fabric used, the theme or the combination of any of these. And it is all made to your liking. For instance, an alternative to pink bedding for baby girls could be a bold bright floral set with splashes of colors such as lime green, yellow or purple. The design used on the bedding could also be personalized with trimming such as ruffle or piping.

Custom-made bedding are not necessarily as expensive as one could think. Some are made at a surprisingly affordable price. If you happen to be the lucky parents to find those, be sure to thoroughly inquire the options offered. Chances are you will find one that fits your need.

Daisy Chain crib set - made out of Amy Butler fabrics

Crib bedding are custom-made when you are allowed to provide the design you like, or the material of your choice or both. If you are looking for truly unique crib bedding for your baby, which a lot of first time parents are, custom bedding could be the way to go. Is there a fabric that you really love? Do you wish you had a crib bedding made out of it? It is now possible to achieve that at Oh Petit Bébé.

Another great way to customize your baby items including your bedding is to add embroidery to them. There are a variety of options including adding your baby’s initials, names and other fun decorative patterns.

There is an inconvenience for having your baby bedding custom-made: it will not be possible for you to see the finished product until it is actually done. The advantages are however far greater: the joy and excitement of envisioning your nursery with the new bedding, the satisfaction you will have when you will finally hold it in your hand. That simply is priceless!

2 D Zoo crib set

So why not? right?

How much trouble could it be to have a crib bedding made? Well, let’s see…

Start with the fabric…

You will have to pick and purchase your fabric. The material could be any type of fabric. You could choose a main fabric and an accent fabric to go with, or a contrasting fabric or any fabric you like rally… Simple enough so far…

Amazon Product Ad Example

How much fabric?

Well, it depend on what you would like made. That’s the beauty of it. If you only need a crib bumper made, then that’s the amount of fabric you’ll need to purchase for. But then again, if you want your whole set to coordinate, why not include all items in your set.

Find out here the yardage required for any bedding item.

Now the pricing…

Now, let us find out How much will it cost, and how long will it take to make.

How is that for a plan?

If you think this is a good idea, then let’s get to it.

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