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Custom Web Design vs. Website Templates

Many business people have a love for making savings. This is not bad in any way as profitability also relies heavily on the ability to minimize costs. This affinity towards cost cutting must not be left to run amok and come to mean that you are always better disposed towards anything cheap. There are instances when quality supersedes cost. One of these instances is the design and development of your company’s website.

There are two distinct ways of creating your online presence. These two methods differ in cost, methodology and effect. One is the custom website design approach and the other one is website template design approach. Below, we are going to dig deeper into the differences that abide within the two.

Custom Web Design vs. Website Templates

Custom Design

Custom website design seeks to capture the heart and soul of your business and its solutions. Nothing is pre-made or designed and everything is created according to the client’s needs. A product that comes out of such a process is unique in every sense of the word. This is unlike a website template that can be bought and filled in with the necessary information. There are many advantages that accrue from such an approach.

1. The design is unique to your business
2. It can be constructed with a view to be search engine friendly
3. It is more responsive to the precise needs of your business
4. It is scalable
5. It lends credibility to your business and allows you to look as big as you want to
6. It creates a true representation of your business image
7. The website that comes out of such an approach can be cross-browser compatible
8. The website will have a valid code

Website Template

1. One of the major disadvantages of a website developed from a template is that it is commonplace. Hundreds if not thousands of other people will be using it. The more appealing it is, the more widely it is available.
2. It gives you restrictions as to the extent that it allows customization that seeks to bring it in line with your business needs.
3. A good number of templates have no search engine considerations in their design.
4. Custom websites do little to set you apart from your competition.
5. The only advantages that can be found in templates is that it takes a shorter time to develop your website and that it can be obtained from very low budgets.

If you are thinking “Custom Web Design vs. Website Templates”, always remember that your company deserves an internet presence that sets you apart and at the same time delivers concrete results. For this, you can easily find a competent custom website design company by searching the internet.

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