Customer relation manager

What is Customer Relation System (CRM)

Customer Relation Management (CRM) refers to the methods for managing a company’s interaction with its customers, clients and sales relation. The very strategy involves using the required technology to organize the business and sales activities including marketing, customer service and other technical aspects. The main purpose of implying this tool is to satisfy the clients, fulfill the demands of the customers, retain the customers and clients that it already has, do the follow ups, reduce costs and look after the proper and satisfactory customer service.

Benefits of CRM

The advantages of CRM is achieving the benefits of nurturing old clients, entertaining present and past customers, increasing company’s profit margin, promptness in making effective decisions and reducing cost.CRM is more beneficial for small businesses and small enterprises who attempt to invest less to gain more. Customer Relation Management helps to implement newer and better yet simpler technology to increase their profit margin. Many small web-based businesses uses CRM for the same purpose.

Things to be Remembered before Setting a CRM

For a successful Customer Relation Management there must be three vital points to be remembered: people, process and proper technology. People in a small enterprise or online business, though less in number than large companies, have to act in a way to initiate a smooth communication with the customers and collaborate for a well-set organization so that the customers meet with a good and positive experience that can make them approach to the company again and again in future.

Suitable process is the foundation of strategizing the methods to create a satisfactory reaction on the client’s and customer’s part. Right utilization of right process enables a business sector to win its customers.

Before preparing customer relation service one should check the adequate availability of proper technology that means fax, telephone, computer with all needed software and internet access. After putting all these in right place one can proceed in building up the system of customer relation management.


Sales Force automation is software or system of CRM vendor information that helps to record all the sales process at every stage of each of the clients of a business in a minimum time. It needs less sales representatives to interact with its customers reducing the time to meet them for sales activity. This is a type of contact management system that tracks all the phases in a sales process and involves more clients in a less period of time.


Marketing automation is another software system that is implemented for easy and better accessibility to the business and refers to the management of marketing section in such a manner to avoid technical errors and increase in the efficiency. It helps to identify the potential clients and accordingly gives a proper lead and target to the sales team. This system contains handling and tracking emails, social media, customer search, telephones and direct mails to record the necessary data of the clients and information of the sales activity.

Customer Service and Support

Customer service and support is a CRM vendor software that is used to reach the customers’ needs and regulate and manage their queries and problems assigning a satisfactory experience. Call center software is such an example that is initiated to meet up customer problems that are dealt with efficiency through a capable agent. This strategy helps in retaining and nurturing the customers and increases the number of customers to come. The very technology reduces the expense and often rewards the loyal customers to attract more customers.


Appointment CRM system provides the customer with the information through appointments. The service and sales representatives keep in touch with the customers via mails or phones and fix a place and time to meet them to deliver sales conversation for better customer support.

Social Media

Social media like facebook, twitter, myspace, LinkedIn are used to create a platform for customer interaction and research about a business firm. Proper business exposure takes a shape in these social media and customer can easily search the information about a product or company in a website and share his views and take advices at a social networking site. Business persons are also able to share the company’s vision with million of people and communicate with them through this medium. Its effect is far-reaching as customers are free enough to make their decision online without even contacting the company itself.

As this is all a customer-based system the company or the business firm has to keep in mind that the confidentiality and privacy of the clients records and information must not be disclosed anywhere and should be kept private.