Customer Reviews on Memory Foam Mattress – Read Carefully

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Customer reviews on memory foam mattresses are very important to read before you make a purchase. While it’s easy to attempt to lump all the manufacturers into one group, it’s not really the right way to select this type of bedding. There are huge variances in quality. Not only will density play a major role in durability, but other things, like thickness and overall comfort are very important to keep in mind. The NASA Ames Research Center might be credited with the invention of them, but they don’t do the reviews, or make sure that the manufacturers adhere to the same guidelines. Here is what to look for when you check out memory foam mattress reviews by actual customers.

  • Name Brand: Whether you’re looking at Tempur-Pedic or another maker, you need to pay special attention. There are many cheap imitations out there that claim orthopedic qualities that just don’t deliver. Be sure that the maker is noted in the customer review, or there’s really no point in reading it, since you won’t have a way to find out how to get one on your own. Look for patterns of complaints or praises for each manufacture and take notice of what you learn.
  • Density: Measured in pounds, the memory foam density is an important factor to consider. A very dense topper or mattress will be somewhat firmer and will generally hold up better and be more durable. This is important to keep in mind when you read the reviews from actual customers.
  • Comparison to Springs: How does it specifically compare the old and reliable spring style? Are they getting a good, restful sleep now? Do they miss their old springs? These are important things to keep in mind when you are looking to buy any product.
  • Unique Claims: Does the reviewer claim to have a sleeping disorder improve? Do they state they are getting a good night sleep now? Are they suffering from sleep apnea, insomnia, or a similar sleep disorder and has it improved? You need to pay special attention to this when you are checking out memory foam mattresses.
  • Look for Sales Links: If you find tons of sales links, there’s a good chance you aren’t reading an honest testimony. Many people will post about a product being the greatest ever and simply hope you will buy the product from them or someone they are affiliated with in hopes of a commission. Don’t be fooled by this tactic when you look for testimonies and customer reviews on memory foam mattress brands.
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Customer Reviews on Memory Foam Mattress – Read Carefully, Seekyt
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