Customize the Acorn 180 Curved Stairlift for Your Home

Though range of motion in the joints typically declines as a person ages, it can also occur along with a number medical conditions such as health ailments and other conditions like arthritis, sciatica, spinal disorders and back pain. Climbing up and down the stairs in a home can prove to be a challenging task for individuals with mobility issues. Stairlifts help restore their mobility and independence by taking them safely and comfortably from floor to floor. Popular manufacturers offer a wide range of models to suit the specific needs of users. The Acorn 180 curved stairlift is an innovative model that can be virtually installed on any type of stairway including those with multiple landings, turns or curves.

Acorn 180 – Advanced Features

With its modular design, this stair chair lift can be easily adapted to any type of stairway. It can be designed and installed to the user’s precise requirements and does not require any structural changes to be made in the home. The device can be easily operated with the lightest of touches, making it an ideal option for those with limited dexterity. It features a lockable swivel seat that allows the user to get on and off without twisting the body.

This stair lift comes with a wide range of safety features for a safe and comfortable ride. Safety sensors on the footrest and carriage automatically stop operation if any obstruction is encountered in its path. It features a rack and pinion drive system and comes with a maximum capacity of 265lbs. The modular rail allows the rail portion of the lift to be quickly assembled from stock components.

This stair chair lift, which is specially designed for complex staircases, is directly attached to the stairs and not the wall. A slim-line fold away design allows the lift to be folded and kept out of the way, thereby allowing regular stair traffic. Some of its key features include –

• Padded seat and backrest for maximum comfort
• Seatbelt
• Lockable on/off switch
• Folding arms, seat and footrest
• Directional paddle switch
• Diagnostic digital display
• Quiet operation
• Handheld remote controls which allows the user to ‘call’ or ‘send’ the lift up and down the staircase

Purchase from a Reliable Elevator and Lift Company

Purchase of the Acorn 180 curved stairlift from a reliable dealer would ensure quick and efficient installation. Established dealers would also provide excellent post-purchase support including timely inspection and maintenance service.