Cute Lighted Compact Mirrors

Cute lighted compact mirrors are a must have for women who want everything they own to be fashionable and this includes the ever faithful compact mirror. All women use compact mirrors to freshen up before a date or when meeting with someone they want to impress. While many women want to look fashionable when they pull out their compact there are just as many who just want it to be functional. For those who are on the hunt for cute lighted compact mirrors feel free to skip to the end, but for now I am going to get into a few must have features that make a compact mirror the best lighted compact mirror in the functionality category.

One of the first things to look for in a lighted compact mirror is, of course, the lighting. The best lighted compact mirrors offer the most natural looking type of lighting for touching up your makeup, which is LED lighting. Secondly, choose a make up mirror that comes with a magnifying feature. This way you can see the smallest imperfections that need a little tweeking for makeup to look its best. The combination of LED lighting and magnifiers is hard to beat when you want makeup to look flawless and if you’re really serious about perfection then you might want to consider a two sided compact mirror.

The third feature that makes a lighted compact mirror one of the best is distortion free glass. The quality of the glass is of major importance, especially when it comes light up makeup mirrors, so that you can get an accurate picture of what makeup really looks like. So much for the functionality of lighted compact mirrors, let’s move on and check out a few of the most popular and cute lighted compact mirrors on the market.

If it’s style you want then Floxite is the brand you want to pursue when it comes to cute lighted compact mirrors. One of Floxite’s best sellers is the Floxite Fl-360-b 10X Magnifier, LED Lighted Compact with Swarovski Crystals, Dfp Quality Glass. This one has all the features mentioned above and it’s cute to boot. Cost is under$ 25, so it’s priced reasonable too. You can take a peek at this one on Amazon where there are 14 reviews with a 4 star rating.

Floxite has several popular and cute lighted compact mirrors that have positive reviews and high ratings, so when you check out the one above you might as well see the others. A couple more brands that are worthy of mention are Sephora and Zadro that also have reviews to review on Amazon.