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Cyber Monday Best Laptop Deals – What is Your Wish List?


I would want a slim laptop and hopefully Dell. I would not want to pay more than about $300 on Black Friday since they are so hard to get. It would need to have wireless inernet, a built in keyboard, and I would prefer built in 10-key as well. I would also want it to come with Microsoft and Windows 7. If I have to stand in line like that, it had better be a really good deal that I will be happy about getting for myself. – San Jose

Getting the best deal on laptops on Black Friday are not that difficult. Personally I’d buy either a Dell, HP or an Alienware model. I would look for a screen size of 15-18 inches with a dual or quad core processor that also includes a capable graphics processor for mid-range gaming. The price that I think is the best deal for a laptop is about 300-400 dollars. It’s a fairly common sale price during Black Friday and usually there is enough stock even if you arrive at a regular time. – Arizona

Getting the best deal for cyber monday would mean I would find a nice acer laptop in my budget. I would like ddr3 ram and hopefully 4gb as well as a large hard drive of 500gb or more. The screen would be around 14-15 inches and the processor would be a core i5 or i7. The video card would not have to be top of the range but I would like to play some newer games like guild wars two thats coming out or diablo three. Another great selling feature is that it is easily portable. – Belfast, GBR

Getting the best deal on cyber Monday is purchasing a laptop made by Dell. The Dell laptops are superior and has great customer service of the product. A Configuration comprising of i5 processor, 4 GB RAM,500 GB Hard disk with 720 RPM with chicklet keyboard for $750 dollars is the best deal. The laptops are updating every now and then. So it is important to buy a high end laptop with latest processor and huge disk space. The laptop ships from dell company has its own brand value and provides a greater value for the money. – Sheffield, GBR

i like to buy sony laptop on cyber monday and i will like to have 4gb or more ram, 500gb or more hard disk storage, i5 or i7 intel processor, latest operating system window 8, dvd re-writer, hd display, good sound quality, good style, graphic card for playing games and long bettary life. i would like to spend £400 to £1000.thank you. – Slough, GBR

Getting the best deal on a lap top on Cyber Monday would have to be a Sony Vaio computer. They are normally a bit more expensive then the Hp and Dells and on Cyber Monday finding a good price on them would be great. If you could find a nice model under 400 on Cyber Monday that would be considered a great deal on a Sony laptop. I would be looking for a nice screen size, a blue ray player, and the ability to send the screen to my television without a wired connection. Another good option for Cyber Monday would be a Mac Book. It will be nice to get one at a discount. I will like to pay about $500 or less – Morrisville, PA

Cyber Monday Best Laptop Deals – What is Your Wish List?
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