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Daily SEO Strategies for Business Success

If you want to succeed in all things SEO — search engine optimization — you need to have a daily strategy in place. For it is the individual or business owner who is actively engaged in all things SEO who will prosper. Let’s take a look at how you can ramp up your SEO strategy through the daily timeline.

Do this first thing. As soon as you are alert in the morning, endeavor to check your email. Cull through your messages to find out if there are any SEO and social media inquiries you need to address. Chances are there is something in your inbox of interest to you, whether that be a link, an article or traffic information about your website. Respond to these queries as soon as possible.daily-seo-strategies

Check your website. Visit your website early to ensure that it is operating as scheduled. Take note of comments left by visitors and respond to them at once. Verify that your links are working. If you have a daily post that is added automatically, ensure that it has loaded properly with all links and photos working. Check your web traffic analyzer such as Google Analytics to ensure that traffic is being recorded. If there is an issue with the web host, resolve to handle this problem before you do anything else. You cannot afford lengthy down time advises LocalSEOCompanies.com.

Head over to Facebook. Given that Facebook has more than 1 billion registered members, chances are you follow a few hundred or more yourself. If you have a business page, check that page to see that it loads properly. Update the page to include a blurb that links to your most recent article. Take note of your daily traffic numbers as supplied by Facebook. Consider adding photos as appropriate or edit listings. Schedule posts to appear when you believe they would be best received, such as around noon.easy-seo

Check the Twitter trends. What are people talking about? Twitter has the answer. On the left side of the Twitter page you will find the top 10 trends for the country. You can also change it to local trends, an ideal option when your audience is local. In any case, take note of what is trending and read the tweets related to those hashtags. Include your own short messages or schedule same. Go through your followers list and update it daily. Eliminate non followers weekly using a tool such as Unfollowers.com to remove extraneous followers.

Visit your other social media sites. Beyond Facebook and Twitter, there may be other social media sites where you are visible. At this point, make a cursory visit to each or visit one site daily, rotating your time spent with these sites throughout the week. Keep tabs of your traffic as you may find a sudden surge in interest among a site you use less often. Adjust your plans accordingly to take advantage of the spike in traffic.

Throughout the day. Once you’ve completed your initial social media visits, then it is time to get to work. Start your normal workday schedule, but plan to check back in at different times of the day. For busy owners, checking email at the end of the day again makes sense. You might also check in with Facebook and Twitter briefly during the middle of the day. If something heats up, an associate should alert you to the problem or situation as soon as it becomes known. You need not be tethered to social media, but you should be aware of what is happening related to your business.

Your Strategy

Clearly, your SEO strategy may be far different from the one suggested herein. And it should be. Consider this article as a guideline for how you approach SEO, but with the mind that SEO should be approached with care. Your best search engine optimization efforts should not be left to happenstance, therefore develop a sound strategy and don’t be afraid to adjust it as needed.

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