Damaged Appliance Sales

Are you looking for damaged appliance sales? Buying damaged appliances, also known as scratch and dent appliances, is a great way to get appliances for much cheaper than normal. If you’re lucky, you can save up to 50-60%!

The main concern when shopping damaged appliances is the nature of the damage. So long as there is not functional damage, meaning that the unit does not work properly, then you have no risk in purchasing them. The goal is to purchase units which only have cosmetic damage, meaning they don’t look very good but they are perfectly functional.

Retailers will discount these items because they know that most people won’t want them, this is where the opportunity for you to save so much money comes from. Most times, the warranty is identical to non-damaged appliances so you’re not taking on any risk there either. Usually the delivery and installation options are identical as well.

Any type of appliance can be damaged. Microwaves, dishwashers, water heaters, ranges, refrigerators, washers and dryers are all equally as likely to be damaged. So don’t make the mistake of thinking that the appliance you’re looking for won’t be available. You’re always trying to get lucky and find one at the time you’re shopping, but don’t limit yourself!

Another key to shopping damaged appliances is where the damage is. Think about where in your home the appliances are going to go. Then closely examine where the damage is and be sure that it won’t be visible in your home. If the scratch or dent doesn’t show, no one will ever know!

An obvious example would be if a fridge had a large dent on the back side. In the vast majority of kitchens this will never show, but the fridge may still have a large discount on it due to the damage. Just picture the appliance in your home and make sure you won’t be able to see the damage otherwise it’ll most likely bother you and you won’t be happy with your purchase.

Many retailers will have damaged or scratch and dent appliances and some even make it a specialty. If you look around, I’m confident that you will find a great appliance with damage that will not matter in any way other than saving you money! If you’re patient and really look around, searching damaged appliance sales will let you get the appliances you want at great savings!