Dangers of Posting to Facebook and Twitter Don’t Become a Victim of Social Networking Sites.

There are dangers of posting to Facebook and Twitter. Don’t become a victim of social networking sites. What may seem like normal conversation to you is telling thieves and or stalkers what they need to know to take advantage of you. Understand that the Internet is a public place and it has to be treated as such. Think about it this way. Would you walk around in public talking out loud about your plans for the day to anyone that would listen? There are people on social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter that are looking for that kind of personal information. So consider what you’re saying before you post to social networking sites before you post because there are dangers to posting to Facebook and Twitter. Don’t become a victim of social networking sites.

You shouldn’t post your daily schedule if it’s pretty much the same everyday. Thieves will see your routine of when you’ll be away from home and for how long. They don’t need much time to clean you out, especially if you don’t have neighbors nearby. What’s even worse is posting a daily schedule that doesn’t change much tells would-be attackers when you’ll be coming home.

Don’t post when you’ll be going on vacation for the same reasons. Wait until you get back from vacation to share all the gory details of your vacation. Just remember, “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.”

If you don’t live with Mr. Smith and Mr. Wesson, don’t post the fact that you live alone on social networking sites even if you do have an alarm system and a dog. You shouldn’t post the fact that you live alone even if you have all of those things in place. The idea is to be aware of the potential dangers and to act accordingly.

You can work around all of this by using the social networking sites privacy tools like requiring acceptance of friend requests. This way you only post to people you know and have allowed access to your post. The problem with that is that once something’s on the net, it’s out there forever and can be redistributed by anyone you send it to.

You shouldn’t flirt online either. You may get a rush from it but you don’t know what’s going on in the hearts and minds of people on the other end. Most people don’t openly advertise evil intent. The old saying is, “Satan doesn’t have a tail and pitchfork.” This is just a way of saying that people with bad intent know how to look and sound appealing so that they can gain your confidence and get close to you.

Not having a face-to-face conversation when you’re online creates a false sense of safety that might cause you to post things you wouldn’t normally say in a face-to-face conversation. Guard against that by pretending to say whatever you posting out loud as if someone was face-to-face with you. You would rather be safe than sorry. These sites can be a fun place but they can also be very dangerous. There are dangers to posting to Facebook and Twitter. Don’t become a victim of social networking sites.