Dangers of the Koolatron Electronic Mosquito and Fly Swatters

Koolatron Electronic Mosquito and Fly Swatters are great fly killing devices but they can be dangerous for you and your children. We live in the southeast where flies and other flying pest can make life miserable. A member of my family, who will remain unidentified, has a big problem with flies. She hates flies with a passion. She takes it upon herself to wage war on any fly that dares enter our airspace. So we purchased a Koolatron Fly Swatter. We got ours on sears.com but I believe you can also get them from places like cvs.com and/or riteaid.com.

The Koolatron “Bite Shield Electronic Mosquito Swatter

For years her most effective weapon in her battle against flies has been the basic plastic flyswatter with the wire handle. If there’s a Nobel Peace Prize for killing flies, she should have two of them. Recently she came across new peace of weaponry, the Koolatron “Bite Shield Electronic Mosquito Swatter.” I kid you not. But the thing about war is that there are casualties and injuries on both sides of the war. That’s where the danger of Koolatron Bite Shield Electronic Mosquito Swatters comes in.

Shocking Discovery

We first discovered the danger one night when our grandson let out a death wail and started crying crocodile tears. He lives with us and came out of his bedroom trying to tell us what had happened. Through the shrieks and tears we were able to figure out that he had gotten hold of the Koolatron and managed to shock himself. After a little TLC from grandma he settled down and was ok.

Man Verses Fly

He didn’t get any help from this end of the gene pool because one day I pulled out the Koolatron to take out a fly that was irritating me. I was able to trap the fly on a table by laying the swatter over it. These swatters are made of plastic and have an electrified mesh circuit between two outer mesh screens. But this guy was smart enough not to move into the swatter where he would be electrocuted. I decided to help the process by pressing the screen down on the fly. That was not a good idea. The loud crackling sound and the piercing pain that went through my fingers when I touched the open electrical circuit almost gave me a heart attack. Btw I did get the fly. He probably died laughing.

Not Toys – You Get A Serious Electrical Jolt

The Koolatron Mosquito and Flyswatters aren’t toys and should be handled responsibly. Believe it or not there are YouTube videos of older children putting their tongues on these flyswatters. That’s crazy because you get a serious electrical jolt from these flyswatters. Lets hope those flyswatters haven’t been used to kill flies. If they’ve been used to kill flies, those germs are still on those flyswatters unless the electrical charge is enough to clean it. But do you want to trust that? If you buy one of these it may be wise to keep it out of the reach of immature children.

I can laugh at my experience but I wonder what would happen if water got spilled on one of these devices while it was activated. But there is a safety of sorts on these swatters. You have to press and hold a button on the handle of the swatter to activate the circuit. If you buy a device like this be sure to read all of the warnings like the ones printed on the handle of ours (see the pictures). It’s not a toy and should be handled responsibly. You should also keep them out of the reach of children (and some adults). Please keep the Koolatron “Bite Shield Electronic Mosquito and Fly Swatter away from pets and don’t use them on your pets.