Dark Horse Comics Android App: A Review

Despite not being as well known as the Big Two (DC and Marvel), Dark Horse Comics has its fair share of titles worth exploring, among them being Hellboy, as most would probably be familiar with from the movies. If you love comics, and you wish to explore titles outside DC and Marvel, the Dark Horse Comics Android app may just be the right tool for you.

The app has a user-friendly interface, with an icon on the top right that lets you alternate between your own personal collection and Dark Horse’s comic book catalog. There is even a section where you can download a number of issues for free from certain titles to get you started. Transactions are handled through Google Wallet, like any other app purchases from Google Play Store; if you wish to buy an issue, simply enter your credit card number and other particulars and you’ll be good to go. Also, if you’ve finished reading an issue and you wish to continue with the rest of the story, a pop-up will show suggesting whether you would like to buy the next issue.

As for reading a comic book issue, you can alternate between two modes: full page and panel zoom. In full page mode, every page will be shown full on the screen, which can put quite a strain on your eyes given the screen size of an Android smartphone. In panel zoom mode, every panel will be zoomed in for your reading pleasure and convenience, without taking away the quality of the art. It even adds something dramatic to the whole reading element.

[A page from Mike Mignola’s BPRD: 1947, first issue]

To flip from page to page, or in the case of the panel zoom mode, panel to panel, simply swipe your finger across the width of the screen.

The price of a comic book issue is usually $1.99, unless you’re looking for graphic novels, which would be more expensive and also more economical considering graphic novels are a collection of a number of issues.

If you want to start collecting comic books now, without needing to worry about putting a strain on storage space, digital comic books are the way to go. Here’s the link to download Dark Horse Comics Android app.