Daydreamers, Pictures of New York by Deborah Julian

Fine Art Photography in Pictures of New York

New York City is a perfect venue for fine art photography in Deborah Julian’s Pictures Of New York from its urban landscape. The reasons are obvious. America’s greatest metropolis has a way of including everything within it’s borders.

Queens, the biggest borough, on the city’s eastern flank, is a stew of ethnicities. Large Chinese neighborhoods border Indian communities as if mimicking the configurations of Asia.

Brooklyn’s up and coming urban spaces expand beside Hassidic enclaves, and cramped into the waterfront, artists battle gentrification for space.

And it’s not all Yankees in the Bronx. The natural quiet of the Bronx Botanical Garden has Fordham University on one side and a culturally rich Hispanic population on the other.

With Manhattan squared up between extreme wealth and extreme poverty, the urban landscapes that open up for, not just photographers, but anyone wishing to look look more close, are ripe with complexity and nuance. Extremes mix.

Fine Art Photography, Piece In Urban Landscape: Daydreamers

In her strikingly beautiful photograph, Daydreamers, Deborah Julian discovers a universal theme on an autumn afternoon in a quiet corner of Manhattan.

Two colorfully dressed girls sit beside a pond reflecting the broken autumn sky and a landscape transitioning toward winter. It’s a cliche to say their whole lives are ahead of them, but it’s true. You get the sense that their lives until now have been gentle and generous, still protected and provided for.

Times are about to change and not just with the weather. These girls are immersed in the pleasures of childhood. Next comes more rigorous learning and the challenges of growth. Maybe they are thinking about it, and maybe they are just thinking about being girls in a pleasant place.

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