de ice car, de ice car, de ice car… I've got to get to work!

Frost on a windshield is one thing… thick ice on the other hand, now that is a true challenge. Especially if you don’t have the right tools. Make sure you have what you need this winter to de ice car.

Myth – Do not pour hot water on the windows. Cold glass, and hot water. What do you think will happen? This is really bad for your windshield. You could crack it and then worse it could leak when things begin to melt.

If you can’t use hot water, then what should you use?

You need to have a heavy duty scraper. I have broken many a scraper in my time. They even have these cool ones with a sleave around them to keep the snow and ice off your good work clothes.

Any de ice car spray works great too. Buy them online, you can get some great bargains. You could use a rain-x product or Heet product. They do a great job. Some of the products are for getting rid of solid ice and others are used prior to ice forming and enables easier removal.

Rally 12 de ice car heater from heartland is awesome. Just plug it in to the lighter and it will heat your windshield up fast. Using this and the cars heater will probably get you going in close to 10 minutes, depending upon the thickness of the ice of course.

I have seen some people lay a towel over their windshield the night before. When the ice comes they just pull it off and away they go. Instant way to de ice car. Make sure that when you do this method that you lift the windshield wipers all the way up. It may look silly but it does the job.

Obviously the best solution would be for you to park in a beautiful warm garage and not have the ice in the first place. but then there are all those power tools and things you just can’t part with. so back to de icing the car.

Good luck and happy de icing!!