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Top Deaf Education Programs in Texas

It has been found out that almost one in five people aren’t able to hear properly at least in one ear. This is truly an alarming statistic and because of this, one can understand why the need of having sign language interpreters are important. People who cannot hear properly or are deaf are not such that they cannot do anything. They contribute a lot to society in a number of fields and to enhance this contribution, there is a need for people with skills who can work with the hearing impaired individuals. It is not that individuals who are professional sign language interpreters are bound in just on work environment or setting. They provide their valuable skills in a number of setting such as religion, social services, legal activities, mental health, business, government and many more. Individuals who work as professional interpreters many at times work as independent contractors and some are full time employees. Thus, if you are looking for one of the best deaf education programs in Texas, read on to find out more about the needs and educational institutions.

The need for sign language interpreters

Even businesses and organization should have a company wide program that teaches its employees sign language so they can better interact with the deaf community and with customers that belong to the deaf community.

Deaf Education Programs in Texas

For individuals who are seeking to become professional sign language interpreters are welcomed with open arms by all institutes in Texas. It is an extremely noble profession and even if one seeks to work part time, it can reap many benefits. One would not only get the exposure but would also be serving the community in some way. Helping out the deaf community can be very noble and extremely resourceful. For individuals in Texas, here are the top three institutes that provide top class deaf training programs.

  • Austin Community College: located at 1212 Rio Grande St. Austin, TX 78701, the Austin community college offers various programs such as a full AA Degree in Interpreting along with conducting ASL Studies where the student gets a Certificate at the end. You can visit their website or you can email them at: eanderso@austincc.edu
  • Del Mar College: the Del mar college is located at 4101 Old Brownsville Rd. Corpus Christi, TX 78405-3556 361.698.2813 and offers a program for the deaf by the name of American Sign Language/Deaf Studies. This is best for individuals who seek to learn the sign language and make a career out of it. The college has teachers which are reputed and the campus boasts an educational environment that is conducive to learning.
  • El Paso Community College: the El Paso Community College community college also offers the top program for people who want to learn sign language and become an interpreter. It offers the program by the name of Sign Language Interpreter Preparation Program. The community college is located at 919 Hunter St. El Paso, TX 79998. You can always visit their website for further information.

Additional Resources for Deaf Education Programs:

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