Deal Dash Reviews

The process of bidding on Deal dash is extremely easy. Every auction on deal dash starts at $0.00. Every bid increases the price by a cent. Some sites use a reserve price to keep the prices high, but deal dash does not use a reserve price at all. They have applied an everything must go philosophy to their sales. There is no set time for each individual auction. Instead each bid placed will restart the clock. The clock will then proceed to countdown again. If no bids are placed by the time the clock runs out, then the person who has placed the highest bid will win the auction.
Deal dash is able to keep their prices low by charging people for bids. This is the main catch with deal dash is that you must purchase your bids. Each bid costs around sixty cents and you must purchase a bid before you can start bidding on auctions. They do not use a pay as you go system.
While you may not like having to purchase bids you will really like the fact that you can get amazing deals on this site. Everyday people are winning auctions on items for as much as 99% off retail. You will never see a deal like that in a store or on any retail site. If you are able to get the timing right and get the bid in, then you can save a great deal of money.
There are all sorts of products available on Deal Dash. Recently people have won fifty inch televisions for less than nine dollars. Gift cards are also regularly sold for less than ten percent of face value. If the product exists, then you will probably be able to find it on deal dash.
They do regularly update their listings with new items. Usually you will see as many as three or four items up for sale at any one time with the average auction lasting about thirty minutes. The key is to wait it out until the last few seconds and this is when the action really happens.
If you find that you spent too many of your bids on a certain item you can always choose to purchase the item for full price at the end and get all of your bids back. Through this process you can prevent yourself from losing money on bids.
Overall, while deal dash does use a complicated system it is a fun and entertaining way to occasionally get a good deal.