Dealing with Depression: How to Overcome Depression


Depression is a medical condition characterized by bouts of sadness, anxiety, sorrow and hopelessness, often the sufferer has physical symptoms like insomnia, migraine and fever. Everyone at one time or the other experiences depression but the way we handle it differs.

There are several kinds of depression such as post natal depression, manic depression, post partum depression, chronic depression, and clinical depression all characterized by a feeling of sadness and loneliness. Taking proper control of our depression is important if we want to live long healthy lives devoid of opportunistic illnesses.

There are ways to control and even avoid depression some of which are avoiding drugs or self loathing and the using physical exercise as therapy. Other solutions are building up your self confidence, adequate sleep and being grateful.

an image of depression

Having self esteem

Having self esteem and building confidence is important when tackling depression, believe in yourself and your abilities, being doubtful isn’t a crime but acting on this negative feeling can only lead to doom. Self esteem comes from within you, when depressed examine your accomplishments, academic achievements, your family and job.

Doing this would put your gloomy feelings in a better perspective.

Physical exercise

When angry go to the gym, when depressed doing physical exercise does the same magic, it takes your mind off depressing matters while burning up feelings of sadness. Doing physical exercise when depressed apart from calming the nerves helps you relax while burning off unwanted calories.

Watch you diet

Different types of food have been used to reduce the feeling of depression like spinach, vegetable salads. Whole grain for free bowl movement, nuts, fish and of cause fruits in generous portions. Fish especially helps lower depression because of omega3.

If you are feeling depressed first workout a sweat then control your diet and binge on vegetables, fish and fruit juice- that should lighten your mood.

Be grateful and Appreciative

Appreciate what you have accomplished; be grateful for having a healthy family, good supportive friends, a good job and a home. Being grateful gives you a languid feeling that can lower depression, and highlight what is truly important in your life.

Positive attitude

Having a positive attitude despite very serious challenges can get you out of depression, without a positive attitude towards life and all its problems you might have a hard time during bouts of depression. The mind and thought process is what fuels depression simply adjusting your mindset easily overcomes depressive feelings.

Earnest discussion

I am a proponent of earnest discussion as a powerful means of expression; depression might arise from some serious problems. Seeking help and opening up to someone trust worthy or a professional psychiatrist would help reduce the dangerous emotions.

A trained doctor can get to the root cause of the depression and offer solutions to the problem, earnest discussion with a spouse or close friend can help. Don’t bottle up your feelings, problems and emotion shares it with a non judgmental and trusted person.

Health matters
Depression can bring about very serious health issues such as heart disease, migraine, general weakness and in very extreme cases stroke or death. Anxiety and restlessness can be reduced though low key exercises, breathing exercises, yoga, stretching or even listening to soft music.

Over work can be at the root of depression, if that’s the case reduces your work load significantly, the business probably existed before you came and would still be there when you leave.

Sleep well
Recent scientific discoveries have found many amazing benefits of good night sleep, which are so surprising that they can help people who suffer chronic depression.

Some of the health benefit of sleep are improved mood, helps your heart and mind; others are weight loss, better concentration, and informed decisions while fighting illness.

Money problems

Money problems is the number one cause of depression today, many people are out of a job, poor accommodation and lifestyle. Although money issues are important there is no amount of money that can solve all problems, take stock of what you have and adjust your budget while working hard towards a solution.

Avoid drugs

Avoid drugs and alcohol because they have mind altering properties, they can cause untold damage both physically and mentally and could lead to dire consequences like suicide and death. Taking alcohol to down your sorrows is counter productive because even if you can drink yourself to false happiness the problem including a splitting head ache would greet you in the morning.

How to deal with depression

You can overcome depression by

1 Avoiding alcohol and hard drugs
2 Having some self esteem
3 Use physical exercise to beat depression
4 Carefully watch your diet
5 Be grateful
6 Have a positive mental attitude
7 Have earnest discussions with friends, doctors
8 Take proper care of your health
9 Take care of your money problems
10 Have a good night sleep


Depression is a state of the mind that can cause harm to the mind and body, controlling this emotion is paramount. Things that could help are exercise, avoid overwork, trust other people’s judgment, watch your diet, avoid alcohol and be grateful for the things God has provided.

Control your depression by following some of the suggestions offered above, even if when you look at your life there are many grey areas. What of the breath of life in your lungs, good health and a loving and supporting family.