Dealing with Sleep Number Bed Air Leaks

Sleep Number Bed Air Leaks

Sleep number beds for quite a long time have now been one of the quality bed choices that many people go for to experience that additional comfort when retiring to bed. The sleep number bed is a unique type of bed where the bed pumps air into the mattress to make it harder depending on the preference of an individual. You can on the other hand remove the air to make the bed suitable for your comfort. But the common problem with sleep number beds is that they at times develop sleep number bed air leaks that will definitely rob you off the good sleeping experience you enjoy if you do not know what to do. Consequently if you have one, you will need to be prepared for such incidences.

How to spot leaks?

Usually if you realize that you are starting to sink in the bed while sleeping, there are high possibilities that the bed has got some leaks. As a result your first step should be to identify any sources of leaks so that you can effectively overhaul the situation. There are normally two main methods you can implement to determine the exact spot that is leaking out the air from your bed. First you can attempt detecting the leak source by listening for any hissing sound. Remove the bed cover of the mattress and by leaning close to it, listen for any hissing sound. If this does not bear much fruit then you can use the second technique which involves spraying the mattress with a solution of soap and water therefore keenly looking for signs of bubbles. In most if not all occasions you should be able to spot the exact source(s) of the sleep number bed air leaks using these two methods.

Fixing the leaks

Immediately when you have spotted the sources of the leaks you can contact your manufacturer or seller for tips on how to fix the leak. Due to the differences in procedures of producing sleep number beds by different manufacturers, they are often the best people to inquire for advice when it comes to fixing leaks. Most simple first leaks can be quickly fixed by you after consulting your manufacturer however if the leaks have become common lately and do not seem to disappear even after fixing a couple of them, you may need to hire professionals to do the job for you. Generally it is important to embark on fixing sleep number bed air leaks as soon as they are realized to prevent multiple leak sources from developing.

Choosing the right bed

Keep in mind that not all sleep number beds are the same in terms of quality of materials used. Different manufacturers come up with different beds so it pays to go for one from a leading manufacturer because this may assure you that the bed is of good quality and is therefore less likely to develop sleep number bed air leaks. Moreover bear in mind that sleep number beds are somewhat expensive therefore a few comparisons will be in order to identify a fairly cheap manufacturer/seller.

Moreover, before purchasing the bed you can also take the initiative of inquiring from the manufacturer how they are going to help you if the bed develops sleep number bed air leaks. This can help you determine a responsible seller to purchase the bed from as some sellers never want to take responsibility of their products therefore may charge you heavily for carrying out sleep number bed air leaks repairs for you even if they are the ones who sold you the bed.