Death By Selfie

Death By Selfie

There are two types of people; those who own cell phones and those who are owned by cell phones.

Those who own cell phones have them in a pocket or purse and they ring rather low, if they ring at all.

Those who are owned by cell phones have extremely loud rings, and will, instantly answer them, regardless of where they are, what they are doing.

Those who own cell phones put them on silent/vibrate when they are doing something. Those who are owned by cell phones never shut them off. No matter where they are, what they are doing.

As bad as this is, there is a specific mental disease associated with cell phones, it is called the ‘selfie’.

People used to go places and see things. They used to experience things. Now, needing to bring their cell phone into every aspect of their lives, they must share with their phones via the ‘selfie’.

A ‘Selfie’ is a picture a person takes of him or herself. It is as if the experience doesn’t happen until the cell phone confirms it. Of course, the experience doesn’t happen, too busy taking the selfie they miss the meeting, the effect, everything, but have a selfie, though.

Just as people will talk on the phone while driving and crash, or talk and walk and fall into a hole, people will put themselves at danger to take that selfie. The danger is ignored, the cell phone must be ‘pleased’.

So far 12 people have died this year alone taking selfies.

Some, I am sure, qualify for Darwin Awards. Here’s a few;

A young Mexican guy thought it would be cool to pose with a handgun. It discharged, he died from a bullet to the head.

A 66-year-old Japanese tourist, attempting to take a picture of himself at the Taj Mahal fell down a flight of steps, and died.

One genius thought he’d take a selfie while running with the bulls, he was gored to death.

A Russian teenager climbed a bridge in St Petersburg to take a selfie, and fell to her death.

A US woman while driving, decided to take a selfie. She crashed.

A 21 year-old man climbed onto the top of a stationary train to take a selfie. So into his pose he ignore a high-voltage power cable running overhead. This is a large cable. It wasn’t hidden. It electrocuted him.

Another genius was blown up by a grenade.

A husband and wife from Poland were in Portugal with their young children. The most important thing was to take a selfie while they were climbing a cliff. They fell off the cliff.

I’m sure there are other selfie deaths, as well as selfie near deaths. And I suppose we can only assume the numbers will increase.

How people have totally given their brains over to their cell phones, so will respond to the ring as a mind dead robot, has enlarged to the point where to ‘please’ the phone and bring it into their lives, people become totally unaware of their own safety, simply to take that photo.