Deaths March-Poem

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Deaths March-Poem, Seekyt

Death March

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I’ve seen the dull eyed death camp march

Where worlds havegone insane

I’ve seen the gulags torture chests

When human aren’t humane

I’ve seen the gruesome slaughter house

Where piglets squeal in vain

I’ve seen the piles of burning flesh

Where infantsall were slain

I’ve seen the ovens burning bright

And piles of what remained

I’ve seen the mounds of rotting youth

Where slaves their debt was paid

I’ve seen soft white Treblinka whore’s

Of age no morethan twelve

I’ve seen her spread by greasy grubs

Who deep inside did spill

I’ve seen what’s left when years have passed

When finally they are done

I’ve seen the hole emerge from camp

Where once was joy and hope

I’ve seen the hate in black folks eyes

Acceptance of their homegrownlies

I’ve seen the way some blame the world

For all that they’ve not done

I’ve seen the ones who never work

Complain so endlessly

Of all the things that aren’t for free

Driving band new SUV’s

I’ve seen them all on Sunday morn

Scream and holler Christ

When first come light on Monday’ morn

They murder with their eyes

I’ve seen the Christians march in time

Where blades of steel do slice

Where heads of saints yet roll in dust

While church folk stand and wave

I’ve seen the lies and know the truth of all your hidden hate

And know the day will finally come when Hell doth call you late

(C)2011 Wayne Wilks

Deaths March-Poem, Seekyt

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Deaths March-Poem, Seekyt
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