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Debunking the Top 5 Misconceptions Surrounding every SEO Agency

SEO agencies are a complex system of people, tools, knowledge and experience that combine to provide its clients with solutions that help them gain visibility and higher conversion rates. Despite all the quality services they provide, there are still a host of misconceptions surrounding them. Here is a look at the top 5 myths surrounding every SEO agency and why they are nothing but misconceptions.

1. It is more Cost-effective to do SEO yourself

For most businesses, business is simply restricted to selling a product or providing a service in exchange for money. When it comes to search engine optimizations, the price for services is generally seen as high, especially compared to the “effort” put into them. As a result, they choose to perform the optimizations themselves. While it is true that performing your own optimizations is more affordable, it is not as effective. As such, this is nothing but a misconception. With a host of experience, tools and experts at their disposal,it is more cost-effective to hire an SEO agency.
After all, nothing in this world is free, so how can business owners assume that SEO agencies will work for free? With all the work put into analyzing keywords, algorithms and changes, it is understandable that agencies will charge a fee.

2. They are only good for a Short Period

Another big misconception surrounding these agencies is that they are only useful for a short period. Considering that most people utilize the services of these agencies for a short time, it is understandable to see how this misconception surfaced. However, the truth is that SEO agencies are useful for both short and long periods. It depends entirely on the services required.
SEO agencies offer both short and long-term services. For example, content creation may be acquired for a month or less, due to a business’ inability to maintain a blog. On the other hand, an SEO agency may be hired to handle the entirety of an SEO campaign.

3. All they do is Optimize Content

When it comes to search engine optimizations, many business owners tend to forget there is more to it than just the optimization part. As such, they believe that SEO agencies simply perform optimization on text and media. Considering the name of the field itself, it is understandable how this misconception has surfaced. However, the truth is that they do a lot more than optimization.
A professional SEO agency not only optimizes content, they create it as well. With an extensive connection to different agencies within their industry, they can provide complete solutions as well. For example, some agencies provide complete website startup services, including design, content creation and optimization.

4. Their Methods are Obsolete after a Major Update

Search engines such as Yahoo!, Google and Bing all undergo a number of changes throughout the year. While some changes are minor, some are major. In fact, some are so big that business owners believe SEO agencies become obsolete after the update. The truth is that a professional SEO agency already knows about the changes and thus adapts to them. As such, they are never obsolete after a major update.

5. They are Relatively Ineffective

One of the biggest misconceptions surrounding SEO agencies, also one of the most bizarre, is that they are relatively ineffective. However, this is the only misconception created due to the selection of the wrong agency. In truth, a professional agency with years of experience will always tie their income to the effectiveness of the campaigns they run. For example, if your business needs to improve its SEO campaign’s ROI, a professional SEO agency will not accept payment until the target return has been achieved.

With a huge emphasis on reducing costs, it is only natural for many small business owners to misinterpret the benefits of SEO agencies and rationalize them as well. However, the truth is that a professional SEO agency works not for itself but for your success. They will only grow when you grow and most of their income is tied to your results. As such, if you want to gain visibility and customers, you will eventually need their help.

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