Decorate Small Events with Exotic Ice Sculpture

The “oh, so cute” element in your décor is perfectly achievable with a sculpture made of ice. Whether it is a cozy get-together at home, or a formal event like a wedding or festival celebration, ice sculptures can become the attractive centerpiece for any of them.
You can go for miniature sculptures for the dining table or large statement décor pieces. Chillers in the bar, exquisite flower vases, Christmas trees, ice tables, monograms for weddings and other events, or some spectacular decorative items to amaze your guests – the range of ice sculpting is wide and extremely interesting to explore.

Give Vent to Your Creative Imagination by Making a Unique Ice Sculpture

If you are preparing for a special event and need to make it look truly unique, consider ice sculpting in the décor. You can either create sculptures ice on your own at home, or hire a professional to build an immaculate one for you. The design range for creating sculptures is unlimited, and you can customize them to truly belong to your party. Get creative and delight your guests with spectacular ice sculptures.

How to Make Ice Sculptures on Your Own

Beat the winter blues with a colorful ice sculpture inside or outside your house. It’s easy, cheap, and real fun! You can involve the entire family for building a large outdoor figure that stands to cheer you up during those snowy evenings. Kids, in particular will enjoy the activity to the hilt.

Here are some ideas that will help you sculpt with ice:

Use silicone, plastic, rubber or metal containers as molds. You can think of innumerable objects to use. If you want to make a large outdoors piece and the weather goes sub-zero in your city, fill a small kids’ pool and leave it overnight to freeze. Likewise, experiment with other containers of daily use like garbage cans, cake pans, etc.

Use colors – food-coloring agents work well. Add as many hues as you like to create a cheerful structure. Bright colors will look great for events and celebrations. For example, a bright red-green medley will look Christmas perfect.

Check if the ice is perfectly frozen before you begin to design on it. A good way to make sure is to see if there is any lose water remaining in the center. If the freezing is not complete, leave your sculpture in the freezer or in the outdoors for a few more hours.

Now it is time for the most fun part – the design. A chisel, marker pens, or smaller supporting ice pieces will help you make your sculpture come to life. You can stick as many pieces together as you like. Just use some water on the surfaces you want to stick together and hold them against one another for about half a minute. Then allow the thing to stand for some time before you go any further with the designing.

With some time and effort, you can create pleasant sculptures. So go on and make whacky pieces of art with frozen water!

However, if you are unable to spare those precious hours for decorating and the event commands professional precision, hire a company to build breathtaking ice sculptures that will do justice to your event. You can browse online for endless designs in sculptures that a professional sculptor can accomplish for you, and you can customize any of those designs to make it unique.

Ice sculptures are beginning to find place in many weddings. Two romantic figures in an embrace, a heart shaped monogram with the names of the couple chiseled on it, or a stylish bar counter that serves as a natural bottle chiller are quite popular and with the addition of your personalized themes, they can rock a wedding reception. Let a professional help you here to make your ideas tangible.

Hope ice sculpting piques your interest and you try the art for yourself!