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Decorating A Blank Wall


Home decorating can be both challenging and exciting at the same time. Some homeowners even hire interior designers to help them spruce up the interiors of their home. Although this will save you the troubles and hassles of decorating your own house, it is something that you can definitely do by yourself.

Let’s say you just got a Bagong Bayan Bagong Bahay house and lot in Lucena, decorating it and making it a home is going to be your priority. It will mostly fill up most of your time and even money.

A blank wall is a common problem of homemakers. Most would assume that decorating a blank wall can be very expensive. This is a misconception. There are a lot of do-it-yourself projects that a homemaker can make that are inexpensive yet truly decorative. Here are some great ideas that are sure to please any homemaker.

1. Cut out classic silhouettes of cooking utensils and appliances. Photocopy the pages of an old cookbook and use them as the background of the silhouettes by pasting the cutouts on the cookbook pages. Use crisp, black frames in varying widths to frame your cutouts and arrange them on your blank wall in a neatly balanced composition for an attractive county style look that will enhance the homey atmosphere of any kitchen.

2. Botanical prints in white border frames will add color and style to any room. Choose large flowers and greenery with bold forms that can be laid flat on a board. Get a sturdy, textured board such as a cold-press board that will be the base of your project. Attach the greenery to your board making sure that it is laid as flat as possible on your base. Using a spray paint, spray around the greenery. Carefully remove the greenery and allow the paint to dry. Attach the dried print to a white paper backing and frame. You can make several prints and group them together on your blank wall for greater impact.

3. Decorate a blank wall with mirrors. Shop for small mirrors in different shapes and sizes; preferably the kind that is not framed. Group them together to create a stunning wall arrangement that will provide subtle elegance to any room.

4. Wicker baskets hung on a straight line can be a great decoration idea for an empty wall. Choose shallow ones that will surely give any room a casual cottage feel. They also provide texture to the wall. The brown hues of the wicker baskets work best against a cool blue wall background.

5. A tight arrangement of small paintings or prints with a single theme can be a great way to fill a blank wall. The single theme keeps the wall from looking cluttered and random.

These are only a few simple decorating ideas that homemakers can do on their own. They are easy to do and are easy on the pocket, too.

Decorating A Blank Wall
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