Decorating a Teen's Bedroom in a Goth Vampire Inspired Theme

Decorating a Teen’s Bedroom in a Goth Vampire Inspired Theme

Buffy, Twilight…..Vampire Diaries…your teen has seen them all. She’s really into the goth vampire scene, and would like her bedroom to reflect this. What can be done in terms of decorating that will give your teenage daughter the goth vampire inspired theme for her bedroom? There are plenty of ideas to choose from – and even better, the color scheme doesn’t need to be all black and red, unless that’s what your teen prefers! Black absorbs heat, which could make a bedroom that much hotter in warm months. Use it as an accent color, if possible. Try peel and stick wallpaper borders with a vampire theme. Borders with scenes from Twilight and other vampire shows and movies can be found online or in specialty stores that sell wallpaper and borders. A vampire style cape could be hung on a wall – spread out to resemble bat wings. These can be found at any costume store, including online stores. Don’t forget posters and prints of favorite vampires. A Gothic style picture frame can be used for a print. Amazon even sells hanging bats for added wall decor. Peel and stick vampire decals, along with headstones and coffins and bats can be fun to add to a wall, creating an eerie vampire scene. If possible, some velvet drapes can add to the Gothic vampire scene.

A deep purple or purple and black area rug lends to the goth vampire inspired theme. Other gothic style accessories are easy – some dark candles on a table, along with small skull figurines. Add some miniature coffins and headstones. Drape a black velvet cloth over a small accent table for displaying these items. A small lamp with a black lampshade adds gothic character to a room. Perhaps even a gargoyle head wall decoration!

Bedding can be found with this theme – or choose a black and red, or purple pattern. Accent pillows in heavy velvet can be added to the bed. The bed itself, if possible, should have a wrought iron headboard at least, or intricate wooden carvings. Other furniture can be dark wood, again with intricate carvings. Four poster beds make great gothic style beds! If someone in the family is a talented carpenter, a coffin shaped bookcase, lined with velvet, is terrific for holding all the Twilight series books.

Don’t have the bedroom too cluttered – any Gothic style is basically non cluttered. Plus, you don’t want it to look too depressing and dark, either. It is a bedroom, where your teen will sleep and probably entertain her friends. Dark enough to be Goth vampire, yet light enough so your teen is comfortable and has fun with it.