Decorating First Bachelor’s Home: Five Ways to Perfection

When living alone as a bachelor, consider your home a castle however men are usually shocked to see the teensy size of an apartment or condominium. Making a good impression among your social gathering with such a tight space is a real matter of concern while embarrassing at times specially when inviting a bunch of friends. Giving up and live in a clutter is easy but with a little bit of creativity, you can transform your dorm into an ultimate bachelor’s pad.

You’ve to regain composure between totally masculine environment and a neat, tidy place so visitors may not have the impression of an immature college boy but an elegant macho! Apparently, a home is reflection of your personality hence make your space something where living feels proud.

1. Make Room!
Before moving into a condominium or villa available for sale in Dubai or any place else, arrange a walk through session with measuring tape. Determine size and dimension of existing storage and what you wish to add for example shelves or bookcases. Double duty furniture would really come in handy similar to a sofa come bed, drawer integrated coffee table with a little stand to keep magazines. In addition, a footstool with enough space to place bins underneath is preferred.

2. Primary Needs & Interests
As mentioned, a home is an expression of your personality, deck it up just the way you like with basic assets. For a sports fanatic or movie buff, get a large HD LED television to fit over living room wall. Enthusiastic reader would rather prefer a corner piled with books so bring a large shelf to display some of the most treasured collections. Moreover, a turntable with records you’ve been gathering for years is best. Remember that small space would limit you to keep everything so prioritize top interests first.

3. A Cozy Workspace
Employers typically expect workers to work from their home lest of any emergency which means having a comfy workspace is necessary. Whether having room for a work desk, office chair or reserved dining table, area where all items are arranged at an arm’s length is advised. Whether goods are for regular or occasional use, neatly position them to avoid creating clutter.

4. The Decoration Pieces
This may sound a bit weird especially if you’re a male bachelor but shopping for decorative item that best fits your living space is a female’s favorite hobby. Still, it’s your place so choosing the goods adds to the routine chores. Tiny sculptures, a few decent posters, travel chess-set and compact games are considered ideal. Whatever you do, don’t forget the space limit which you might be running out of.

5. Lease the Unit
Your first bachelor home isn’t a permanent dwelling so don’t try to bulk it up with items or you’ll have trouble packing the last day. When moving, only take objects which you need most and discard the rest. If you can recycle, there’s no better way to obey eco-friendly laws to preserve nature’s goods. Revisit storage unit once a year at least to clean unnecessary items. After realizing these basic facts, it’s time to lease the unit from a credible source such as Exclusive Links real estate.

Maintaining composure between personal preference and space when decorating your home in bachelor’s style has never been easier. Simply follow the ideas as aforementioned!

Image contributed by Exclusive Links.