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Decorating Ideas for Teen Girls Sharing a Small Space Bedroom


Decorating Ideas for Teen Girls Sharing a Small Space Bedroom

For whatever reason, you have two teen girls who must share a bedroom in your house or apartment. Not only that; it’s a small space bedroom. In addition, each girl has her own ideas for decorating the room. What can be done to make sure each teen has a chance to express herself in her room when working in a small space bedroom for two? Every girl needs some space of her own. It might take some doing, and there are no easy answers, but a few suggestions here might help.

If size permits in the small space bedroom, a room divider is the best option. Just remember to allow access to common areas such as the bedroom door and closets. Even though it will make each half that much smaller, your girls will have the freedom to decorate their halves the way each would prefer. Twin beds, or other small space beds such as loft beds with a desk, dresser and cabinet underneath can be used in each teen’s part of the room. Then, your girls can each pick the type or style of bedding they prefer – if one wants flowered sheets and comforters; if the other wants bright, bold prints, it won’t clash as long as there is a sense of separation between the two sides. If a screen or divider isn’t doable, then an area rug for each side could define each teen’s space. This will set a visual separation of the two sides of the room, still allowing each teen her own decorating style for her side.

If you already have bunk beds that you are using, and can’t afford to get each girl her own loft or twin bed, try to arrange for each to have a wall space area for a desk and chair, or computer table and chair. The wall above can be decorated according to individual tastes. Their desks, and perhaps dressers or a shelf for each can display their collections. Perhaps one girl could have the bedroom door to decorate; the other, the closet door.
Another solution is to find a theme that suits both girls – a compromise theme, perhaps. If both agree on the same theme, each could choose her own favorite color to go with the theme. If both agree on a retro sixties look, one could have funky bright yellow polka dot printed bedding; the other, a psychedelic purple pattern. With a theme like this, the two wouldn’t clash!

Use some storage tips for hiding clothes and clutter. If there is no room for dressers in a room with twin beds and a dividing screen, use under bed drawers that can roll in and out for storing clothes. Shelves on the wall for a few sweaters. Hooks for hanging robes.
With some imagination, a few compromises, each girl can have an area of the room exclusively ‘hers’ for sleep, study, and friends.

Decorating Ideas for Teen Girls Sharing a Small Space Bedroom
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